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  1. I wrote the number of hours that she docked on each paystub that I had... and in the payroll records it will show where changes were made. Will that help me? Is it legal for the company to withhold these records? I tried to get them and they told me that they don't provide these to former associates and I have to get a court order. Is this right?
  2. As far as I know they have to pay you immediately and then record it in their payroll records at the earliest possible moment that they can.
  3. When I left my job, my manager had been taking hours out of my pay each week telling me that she didn't have enough room in the payroll for it that weed but would add it into my pay another week when she had the additional payroll to use. I was never paid this money before I left. Now that I am still trying to get payroll documents, the company is telling me that they won't give any of this enformation to former associates. What's the story there?
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