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  1. When a revocable trust is amended in Arizona, is the trust document redrawn to reflect the amendment?
  2. We live in Arizona & my girlfriends mother just passed away. She has 3 sisters & one of them is the executor. That sister says that 10% of each bequest goes to her as executor & 10% of each bequest goes to the attorney. Is she entitled to 10% as the executor without such language included in the will?
  3. Badge203 Most any motion can be filed "pro se" with the Clerk ot the Court. a lawyer is not necessary. I live in Az. & I have already been in contact with the clerk of the court in question to obtain a copy of the disposition for the DUI classes I need to attend here. A warrant was issued but doesn't affect myself or the payment of the fine unless I return to Florida. It didn't take 14 years to "come across" the circumstances. It was 14 years before I was able to obtain proof of said circumstances.
  4. 14 years ago I was convicted of DUI in Florida & fined $1280.00. To date I have been unable to pay that fine. There are mitigating circumstances for the DUI which until recently I was unable to show proof of. Now I would like to file a motion to reduce or suspend the fine based on the mitigating circumstances. I don't know what form to use or where to get it. Any input will be appreciated.
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