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  1. My pickup truck was parked at a public restaurant. A vehicle coming on the frontage road was towing a vehicle ( was bought at an auction in the state of Texas); towed vehicle got unhooked from the truck and slammed onto the rear end of my pickup. The towed vehicle was impounded. The vehicle hauling it did not stop. A police report was done at the time of the accident. The owner of the vehicle appeared at the police station 3 days later and showed proof of insurance and the impounded vehicle was released. I called the insurance company and they tell me that their insurance will not pay for my damages since the insurance was for tourists and does not cover when towing is done. The owner of the vehicle is from Mexico City and I have copy of his driver license. He has an auto dealership business in Mexico. How can I make him responsible for the damages on my truck? Can I go to an attorney to prohibit him from entering the US? If so, can he be stopped and make him pay for the damages? What can I do? Is this a lost case? Please reply. I urgent need an answer.
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