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  1. We live in Maryland and our home is in the foreclosure process. We did not have our loan with a bank, but rather, it was a rent to own through a private person. One of the stipulations of the auction was whoever bought the house had to also pay the taxes and have them changed over to their name. Not only was that not done, but both the house and the taxes are still in our names. Recently, their lawyer's motion for possession was denied by the court due to the fact that they did not properly follow the law. We just received a (nother) motion for possession and not only is their lawyer the one who filled out the motion, he also is the notary on it and he did it in a different county. Is it legal for the attorney to also be the notary in a case? The only two people's signatures on this are the "owner" and the lawyer. I should also add that this attorney has a p.o. box and not a physical address. I'm not trying to fight the foreclosure in itself but I do believe they have something up thier sleeve. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much!
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