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  1. I'll just hit the high points. I am a high ranking city official. I was given an egregiously bad performance evaluation in 08 (avg 1.4 out of a possible 5), after having an excellent one in 07 (avg 4.6). My board supposedly does the evaluation but they were instructed by the mayor (who has been campaigning for two years to get rid of me) to turn their evaluations into the city attorney rather than the city clerk. The board never saw the synopsis that he prepared, not could it have been an average, or composite of their scores. On most of the categories in 08 I received "1" scores, which given what i know from two of the board members i know, is statistically impossible. two of the six people rating me gave me at least fours (out of a possible five) on every category. The textual evaluation was even more inflammatory. Since i do evaluations all the time, i was incredulous. I have never seen an evaluation even close to this bad on anyone. I might add that i have accused that city attorney of wrong doing. there is a lot more to the story, but could you give me a feel on this part of the equation to this point. by the way, myself and the city clerk are the only ones who have multiple evaluators, and every one else at the city has the original evaluation in there personnel file not a bogus compilation. I have a master's degree in Public Administration with honors and have generally been considered by my peers and other boards (and this one too, just not the city attorney and the mayor) as the best of the best. One the job knowledge section, i received a 4.8 avg score in 07, and in 08, a two, how could they get away with demonstrable fraud seeing that i don't have dementia or Alzheimer's? I should also say that there were some equally bogus things that eventually led to my termination through the manipulation of the board by the mayor and city attorney that led to my termination. they are even seeking to deny me unemployment, and i have them making false statements under oath at an appeal hearing seeking to deny me benefits. Your thoughts?
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