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  1. exbosslady


    Did you report any of these injuries? Were incident reports filled out an turned into Management?
  2. Go to: Legal Match .com. That website will navigate you where you need to be and help you find an attorney in your area.
  3. I will be receiving my final paycheck. I believe that I am owed for the time that I was suspended as I qualify as an exempt worker and was not suspended for 1 week or more before being termimated. My question is that, if I cash my check that does not have the suspension pay, can my former employer say that I accepted pay in full and not be held responsilble for the rest of my pay
  4. Thanks Fallen. I looked at the FLSA and I meet all the criteria for "Executive Exempt" Appreciate the help!
  5. exbosslady

    Exempt worker

    Fallen, Could you please give me a definition of an Exempt Worker? Thanks
  6. exbosslady


    What exactly is the definition of an "Exempt Employee?
  7. exbosslady


    Am I entitled to a copy of my full Employee file under Michigan law?
  8. exbosslady


    I was suspended for 3-1/2 days while my boss decided whether he was going to terminate me or not because an employee CLAIMED that I grabbed her face. Does he have to pay me for the days that I was Suspended?
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