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    I am a 7 years employee in my company.I've been working for them in almost all departments and positions.When they hired me they did not say to me that you are going to work in different positions but when they saw me that I can do so many things they start using me ,working everywhere for the same money.I needed to work and I did it. During this time I always fight for my rights .Fighting for verbal abuse between the employees and the managers.The managers can do whatever they want because that how this kind of business is.When I open my mouth for my rights they"punished"me by cutting my hours which effect directly my family incomes.During all this years I got a lot of pressure working and I am still working in these conditions.Cause of this I tried to find another job to fulfill my family's need. I told them that I can not work in certain times and days .It was hard to deal with but resolved the situation..They hired employee and give them more hours then me and more days then me.The new employee comes earlier then me and leaves after I leave. I afraid to talk for my rights because my boss will fired me without any notice or reason.My manager is doing what he wants to put me down so I do not talk and why not make feel miserable working there .I know there are other people there like me but they are afraid to open their mouth.In my company with all the financial crisis happening in the global range the seniority is not respected at all.They can not wait to fired the seniority and hired the new because they pay them cheap.I do not have union there .even I am working for almost 7 years there.I don't know what to do to find my rights with the employer . I am looking forward to get an answer.