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  1. I lost my job last year. Our bank (C****) recommended that we go thru this company to consolidate our credit cards. We were paying them about $1300 a month and they were suppose to pay the CC adn have the interest rate dropped of removed, etc. My wife noticed that $200 was being taken and not showing where it was going. She questioned them and couldn't get a straight answer. We were still getting the statements and noticing that the company was not making the payments in full on some of the credit cards. We were getting late fees. Then I lost my unemployment for several weeks and we couldn't afford to pay the company. The company stopped paying them and we canceled the service but by that time the damage was already done. We were getting late fees, increase in % rates, etc. Our credit rating went from excellent down to the low 500s. We were force to file bankruptcy. Before we went to them we had everything up to date with no late payments or anything. This company has messed everything up in just a few months that we have been maintaining for years. Can we sue them for this? [This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information. - Moderator]
  2. Good Morning. My niece's fiancee' and her are looking for an apartment. They found one and put a deposit down. They then found out that the neighborhood was bad and that they just changed their minds and did not want to rent their. They went back to the aparment office and told them this and asked for their deposit back. The apartment office refused to return their money. They are young and inexperienced. Is there a law that says that if you change your mind within a certain time limit, I heard 3 days, that you can get your money back? Thank you.
  3. Thanks for the reply. The reason I put the state is that Ohio's law is different like say from Texas. Texas is a "Right to Work' state. Ohio is a "Just Cause" state. So the employer cannot fire you just because they want to. They have to have Just Cause. AS far as the Union Rep, Union Steward and myself determined is that the employer does not have Just Cause.
  4. I am in a Union, I was working on an Air force base as a civilian contractor. According to the company they terminated me for fasifying a document and endangering public safety. We had the meeting today with the Human Resource Office. Okay, from my understanding, you have to sign something to falsify it. We have copies of the document and it was not signed. The munitions shipment paperwork that I turned into the front office was not quite finished. I still had to inspect the freight. I had an appt scheduled to do just that on 7Jul09 but since my coworker decided to interfer and grabbed the paperwork and would not give it to me I had to cancel and rescheule for the next day. So the company is harking on this fact even though I explained to them what happened. The paperwork would not have been processed because the clerks would have inspected the paperwork and realized that some of the papers were missing and brought that to my attention therefore stopping the shipment process. But since my coworker snatched the paperwork they could not do their job. I may not have all the info posted here so if you think you need more info to make a educated post please let me know. Thank you. I want to know if I may have a legal case for wrongful termination. The union rep thinks that they do not have just cause. The final step is arbritation. Any suggestion or advice is appreciated.
  5. No lawyers to answer this one? What a shame.
  6. 1st I was brought to the bosses office, told to have a seat, don't say anything, you are not being charged for anything, you need to fill out a report on what happened. I did because me and my coworker had a disagreement. Next thing I know I was brought in to the Project Managers office and was told I was terminated. I didn't even know what for. I was not interviewed about the incident. I was basically guilty until proven guilty. Coworker lied and company believed him. He is also the union steward. I did not have a chance to defend myself. I was not questioned about the incident. Was I wronfully terminated?
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