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  1. My dad died in 1998....(last surving parent)....my brother was executor of his estate. There are a total of 5 siblings. For the (1st) 5 years family members lived in the house and paid the tax bills as they came in. (under my dads name with over 65 exemption). The last 5 years really no one has lived in or taken care of the house. I went to Appraisal district to get some tax relief at which point they noticed my father had passed....so they went back 5 years and retaxed the property...so basically it went from approx 2k in back taxes to 30k overnight. At this point the house will soon be foreclosed on due to taxes. We have been trying to sell the property for a few years. Finally, there is a buyer.....the sale cost will basically cover taxes. here's the problem.....when my dad died i went through some financial difficulties and i was sued by Providian(credit card) and had a default judgement. I know...it was extremely stupid not to fight this, but it was difficult times. Now that we have a buyer for the house.....the title company will not approve the sale until i get a partial release. I have called the lien holder and said they can have my portion($17.00)...and they have said i would have to come up with more. The original debt was 6k...but they said with interest it is up to 17k. Is there way to sell this house?
  2. My last question was when my dad died he did not have a will. A family member became executor of his estate and then the heirs were listed. One of the heirs has a judgement from a credit card and the title company will not approve the sale of his house because the judgement. I was told to see if relinquishing ownership from the heir with the judgment. The advice from your site said that is not an option. However, the second part was that the title company lawyers should send the debtors portion of the sale to the lein holder for final settlement. What if the debtors profit from the sale is only $89.00 and the lein was for 6k. Does the lein holder have to release the property once they recieve the debtors portion?
  3. my father died in 1998. he did not have a will and a family member was assigned "executor" and then the heirs were listed in probate court. in 2000 one of the heirs was issued a judgement for a credit card. now that we are trying to sell the house the title company will not approve the sale because one of the heirs has this judgement. Is there any way around this? The sale of the house and profit after back taxes is only a couple thousand. Is there a way for the heir to relinquish their ownership? any advice?
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