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  1. I sprained my back, shoulder and neck because a window at work was on the wrong track. When I tried to open it to start work it fell out. I was trying to keep it from falling in front of oncoming traffic. I could not because it was too heavy. This was in a parking garage booth at ***** in San Francisco, CA. I called the office for assistance and received none. I went to the medical clinic. Several work restrictions were placed by the doctor. The HR at my job has butted in with my doctor's office. Calling several times and lying about my job status. She has even called the doctor and begged him not to put me out on worker's comp. She told him it was my stress making me worse. I have been waiting 6 weeks for approval of physical therapy. There have been 3 different claims adjusters. It's a shell game. It had created a hostile work environment because the other employees had to do my job while I just sat there. Then the company came up with a worse job for me. The HR called the doctor's office about the modifications. Not my doctor, a different one. She lied about work duties and then had him change my status which made my injury worse. She has hampered my recovery. She has had the other employees turn against me. I am a Lead Shop Steward with the Union. This is one reason they have done this. I am finally getting to see a specialist. They have designated one 45 minutes away from my home, knowing I don't drive. There is much more. What recourse do I have? My doctor at the medical clinic has stated he has never seen anything like this in his career. He stated they "have put up so many roadblocks". [This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information. -Moderator]
  2. I am a resident of San Mateo County, California. I have 2 children that I have had primary custody. My ex husband was ordered to pay child support for both. Our son turned 18 on May 31, 2010. He did not graduate high school until June 30, 2010. His father stopped paying support for him when he turned 18. Our daughter turned 18 on February 26, 2012. She is currently enrolled in high school. She is taking concurrent classes at College of San Mateo. She will not receive her high school diploma until May 31, 2012 and will still be going to college. Her father stopped paying for her when she turned 18. Should he not have had to pay until the kids were graduated? He moved to another State (Florida) without informing the court 3 years ago. My daughter does see him every so often since then. He is under the impression that he has no responsibility even though the kids were still in school when turning 18. o I have to file for a modification of the child support order? Or would I be able to do this in small claims court? Thank you
  3. Is there any law that states when you are in the workplace employees must speak english. We have several employees in our office that speak a different language while on the clock. I understand that if you are on your break it is acceptable. This is in California. Our HR department says that they cannot require all employees to speak english while conducting business. This makes for a very uncomfortable environment.
  4. I would like to know if the non-custodial parent moves out of state should there be a modification for child support. He is getting credit for 20% visition time and that is what they used to determine support. This is in California. He is moving to Miami, Florida. Also our older son will be 18 on May 31st but will not graduate from high school til end of June. Does child support still get paid for that month. Since there are still 2 years left for our youngest child till she is 18 should something be filed to up the support.
  5. I went to San Mateo , Ca, northern branch family court being sued for more custody and less child support to be paid by my ex. The court ordered he get 3 weekends a month and that the support be raised. He had put more income down. He refuses to pay me the extra amount ordered. I have filed for contempt of court and the hearing is March 10, 2010. My ex fired his lawyers because he didn't get his way this time. What can happen if he doen't show up? Does he have to file a response? Should I be filing with the child support bureau? He owes me back pay from October 1. I am at my wits end as he plays alot of games and the money he sends is not sent til the 5th and its due on the 1st. Has anyone been thru this?
  6. I have filed contempt of court against my ex for not adherering to te court order for child suport. He is only pay a portion of what the order of 12/09/09 said. He is also not sending it until the 5th and it is due on the 1stof each month. He also is not taking the kids when he asked for 3 weekends a month. The judge has approved the case and it is set for 3/10/10. What can happen if he doesn't show up? I heard judges are leery of even approving these cases. But this one did. Does anyone know what I can expect at the hearing if he does show?
  7. First I would like to say that this is an excellent forum for all of us who do not have the resources to hire attorneys. I have gotten wonderful advice and results here and would like to thank all those that cared enough to answer my questions. I am currently suing my ex for contempt of court as he is not following the current court orders. We will be going to court in March. He owes me alot. My problem is that he has made several false accusations to child protective services in San Mateo CA. He has also informed our children that he fired his lawyers because I was having affairs with them. My 15 year old daughter is having alot of issues because of this. He keeps telling her she can emancipate herself. This I know is ridiculous. Can I sue him in small claims for all the fees I have incurred ie: therapy, court costs, lost wages, defamation of character? I feel he will never let go of this and need to get him to stop.
  8. My ex just told me he will not pay me the new child support amount that was ordered as of 10/01/2009. He said over my dead body, which is a threat. I know I have to file for a contempt hearing. Any ideas which forms I use. I am in San Mateo County CA.
  9. My ex was given three weekends a month for visitation. He had sued me for this. He was under the impression if he had more time the child support would be less. As it happened the amount was raised due to his claiming more income. He owes me over 2,000 in back support. He has not paid. He is also refusing to take the kids for said three weekends. He justifies this by saying since he pays more now he should have them less. How can I compel him to pay me what he owes and take the kids when he is suppose to? Can I get an ammendment? Thank you., this is in California.
  10. I am in San Mateo County, CA. My ex asked for a modification of child support but put down more income. I was granted a raise in child support. The raise is to take affect as of Oct 1. These means he owes me three months of arrears. He is saying he can take his time paying me. Is this true?
  11. When a modification is ordered on December 9th and it is retroactive to October 1st, how long does the party have to pay the arrears?
  12. My ex-husband filed another case to get full support of our 15 year old daughter. He listed his income as double from the last time we went to court. And I will add he lied last time. At mediation he was only given up to 3 weekends a month visitation starting Saturday at 10am to Sunday at 7pm. I will retain primary custody. Since he also asked for a modification under the assumption he would get full custody and in my response I asked for modification also do I still have to file another OSC? His lawyer asked me if I had. My ex has been remarried to a wealthy person and his filing on her income is vague, He listed she pays part of the bills but does not work. This is not true. I have been to the facillitator (South San Francisco, CA) and I filed my paperwork correctly. I would like to know if I need to file anything else so that the support could be modified in the favor of the children, We live very meagerly while they are millionaires. This case dates back to 1999 and we have been to court 58 times. I have always reatined full custody but he has outwitted me and gotten the support lowered and lowered. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. In San Francisco, while awaiting 11 months for trial, the defendant finally got the trial by the jury of his peers. They voted 7 not guilty, 5 guilty. The only witness for the DA is a drug addicted/alcoholic who more than likely committed the crime himself. There are no holes in this case. The DA did not prove his case. The defense could not get access to the only other person involved. He oddly made himself scarce. He is the father of the witness. The defendant did not waive his right to a speedy trial but the DA (of which there were three changes) kept getting continuances for everything under the sun. This defendant was held and new charges added, such as mayhem, to up the bail. I cannot grasp the reasoning of the DA to retry this case. It is a waste of tax payers time and money. I think its personal and in a court of law that should never be the case. The victim cannot remember anything and was coached by the DA and his "good friend" the witness only 2 weeks before trial. I could see if the jury vote was in the favor of the DA then it would perhaps be some sort of reason to retry. But its not. The defendants rights have been violated for 11 months. Can anyone please give me any reason that the DA will not accept the fact he did not prove his case. This isn't a Phil Spector thing. It's not about a murder. Thank you.
  14. If a defendant who has been held for 11months (never waived his right to a speedy trial) goes to trial and the out is a "hung Jury". Seven for innocent and five for quilty. What are the chances that the Prosecuters will retry? This is not a murder case.
  15. I have had full custody of my two children ages 15& 17 for 10 years. This is the second time my ex is asking for custody change and modification of the child support. He lied last time and he is lying on the court papers he submitted this time also. I want to know why the court does not force him to fully fill out the papers (they are vague) and he is remarried to a wealthy woman but puts she has no income. Can something be filed to make him prove his papers? He does not list all his businesses and owned property and with the lawyer he is able to afford I'll will end up with another reduction and still retain custody. This is not fair to the children. I also pay for the medical/dental thru my employer so he has no obligations. It is all about the money for him.
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