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  1. I was told that I would get a deposit after I moved out by the property manager. Well I had some issues with my roommate and property manager allow them to move into another unit in the building on the 15 of July just out the blue mind you, which the lease doesn't expire until 31Aug09. I ask the property manager WTF and I was informed everything is okay I need not to worry about the roommate's portion of Aug rent was covered and "we wouldn't let them move into the other unit if it wasn't. He still had keys until I had to confront the property manager about them taken things out of the apartment and I felt my safety was being jeopardized. So the final weekend before the 31of Aug, the property maintenance team went without my permission to prepare the apartment the new occupants. The reminder of my belongings was move into the living room... I just frustrated this place. I vacated the apartment returned keys and told that I would get my deposit back waited because up to 45 days that they would have to produce a check. During this time I continue to follow up with them same story it's in the mail... 45 days has passed still no check I called and demand a response shortly after I received a call that i was missing a payment for Aug 09 rent i provided proof. Now they're saying it was "from a long time ago" when I transferred to the two bedroom unit. The manager couldn't provide the month where I was missing a payment their response has been refer to my lease. I've been getting the run around about this situation and then injury to insult I receive a check for $3.99. I did not receive a breakdown or explanation of this amount rendered to me. Did not receive notification 30 day prior to moving as require by City of Chicago of any changes to the deposit or a notices for missing payments.
  2. How would you interpret this portion of this lease.? On the execution of the lease, $1175 is last month and covers rent for august 2009. the rent is payable on the first of the month. If payment is received after the fifth of the month, lessee will be charged 5% rental base price as late payment fee. Both tenants will have last month's rent transferred from their currents apartments 321($800) and 323 (800) ($1600 combined). The difference of 212.50 each ($425 combined) will be applied to September 2008 rent. XXXX prepaid at the beginning of previous lease $800 extra month of rent to be applied towards rent or reimbursed at move out if not used towards rent. chicago,il
  3. What should I do, I placed this on BBB and the insurance company's site. I've been a customer with A INSURANCE COMPANY for the last six years. I've never had problems until I actually had to make a claim. On July 18, 2009 my car was involved in a hit and run by a reported stolen vehicle, as anyone that has insurance I called to make a claim. A rental vehicle was reserved and tow vehicle was dispatched and move to the auto repair shop of my choosing. Due to the fact the incident took place over the weekend there wasn't a claim adjuster assigned to my claim until Monday 20July2009. An adjuster was assigned to my case she informed that my vehicle needed to be moved for further and inspection and not to incur more storage fee as time passes. I was instructed to get to my car and remove any other personal items because according the adjuster it may be a total loss... the claim adjuster encourage that i use one of your approved facilities for repairs to my vehicle. I received a call two days later from Gerber auto repair saying they have receive my car but it was vandalized. Originally I was quoted for the damage $5000 as of today 31 Aug 2009 it has incurred up to 10,915.23. No one at U**A could explain what happen to my vehicle when I turned it into your care. There was a period no one called or followed up with me. They were more concerned about the type of rental car and me not going over the limit. I spoke with managers that only thing they can tell me is sorry nothing else can be done. I just don't understand why my vehicle got vandalized under your care you can't do anything about it, investigate further. I believe someone has dropped the ball on this my case. It has been over a month I still have no vehicle to drive. This is a total inconvenience to me. Why can't you help me, you pride yourself as being military friendly and I feel you're not taking care of this service member....Because my vehicle was vandalized under your care the current deductible for my vehicle should be waived or some restitution take place immediately..!!!! [This post has been edited to remove personal or identifying information. -FindLaw_Kourosh]
  4. Housing Contract ~ (This contract is not a sublease, but a written agreement between the two named parties) I hereby do agree to pay the monthly amount of $453.00 due by the 5th of every month until the set date of 01 JAN 2010. From set date the contract will turn into a month to month contract with the rent at $500.00. Tenant must give at least 30 days notice to the resident upon vacating. The resident. tJ I IIhas the right to terminate the contract after the set date of 01 JAN 2010 and before set date if all parties are in agreement. If one tenant chooses to terminate contract and all parties are in agreement. The resident has the right to raise the other tenants rent not to exceed $500. Resident has to give tenant at least 60 days notice to vacate premises. The amount $453.00 includes Rent Cable (if bill raises; with proof, resident can up rent not to exceed $20.00) The tenant cannot make any changes, adjustments or alterations to the premises without prior approval of the resident. Tenants will keep their personal spaces clean, neat and orderly. Common spaces such as the kitchen, dining area, laundry room, garage, living room, stairs, and both bathrooms will be kept up and things neatly organized. It is the tenants/residents responsibility to clean up after themselves. Penalty for not maintaining standards of cleanliness a $30 increase of rent will be put in place to cover cleaning maintenance. A day all tenants and resident agrees upon will be set every week to commence a field day of the common areas mentioned above. There will be a quiet time set at 2100-0630 on weekdays and 0000 - 0900 on weekends unless other roommates are not there or a mutual agreement is made upon to push that time back or eliminate it for individual days. AT NO TIME will there be parties held without expressed permission from the resident. If tenant invites a friend or acquaintance onto the premises the tenant is held directly responsible for their actions. Be mindful of your other roommates. AT NO TIME will there be smoking in the house regardless of circumstance. There will be three designated cabinets. Each tenant and resident will have one for their consumable products that they do not want the other roommates to have or touch. Be respectful and mindful of roommates. At no time will a tenant/resident enter each others room without expressed permission from that room occupant. To eliminate the use of others personal products, when finished with showering/grooming in the bathrooms, take the belongings that you don't want the other roommates to use out. Not saying they will use it, but to avoid that conflict arising. Pets: Upon moving into the residence it was made very clear there was a dog. Ultimately the resident is responsible for the dog. Along with maintenance if the dog urinates/defecates in the house and you are the first to approach it, clean up the mess and notify the resident. In no way is this pushing off the responsibility of the animal to the tenants, but common sense if you let the urine/feces set until resident is able to clean it up, it will not only stain, but odorize the house. The resident has the right to impose rules, restrictions and regulations as problems arise. Only to maintain good order and discipline and make living together as peaceful as possible. If there is a conflict with any given rule, restriction or regulation then by all means ask and with combined efforts we can come up with a better solution. All new rules and regulations will be documented and attached to the contract. This is a binding document between~and]j : • as and by signing I agree to all above stated conditions, regulations and rules: Tenant: :8 cs Resident~
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