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  1. If you live in the state of Pennsylvania and you cross the boarder into Delaware, and purchase a lottery ticket(s) and win. What will happen as far as: (1)The state of Delaware allows you to remain anonymous How ever if you were to purchase that winning ticket in PA and live there you can not! (2) The State of Delaware has taxes on lottery winnings were as Pennsylvania does not. What would happen if you hold off claim your winnings and move into the state of Delaware? Can you do that?
  2. if someone went to and earned a college degree the traditional(i.e assioates, business master ect.) way can a college institution still revoke someones college degree? 2nd if they do can the former student turn around and sue the college for the money that was spent on all of the courses?
  3. If you are denied coverage of medical services (surgery) What is the statue of limitations to file? What forms do I file? EBSA preexisting conditions.
  4. How does it take take to get a hearing on an EBSA case out of Philadelphia, Pa? EBSA is a federal or state court system?
  5. In the United states mainly in the suburbs fire stations have a live in program. The person(s) have completed fire school and are allowed into burning buildings ect. However they are not getting paid but they are being compensated in some kind of way by not having to pay for rent. At the same time of course they have to respond to calls. It is a low budget program next to having a paid firefighter like what you would see in major metropolitan area. Can and would the IRS look at the program as an income?
  6. When there is a murder suicide in the work place what is there to be done especially in the legal department when both parties are deceased. On the criminal side you can't charge any body. What about civil? What if your questioned by authorities do you have to participate in their questions regardless of involvement?
  7. I want to file a complaint with Department of labor but I don’t know witch form(s) to fill out. My health insurance witch is now union controlled as of June 1 2014 is refusing and claiming my surgery is not necessary need and they are also claiming that doctors codes are missing and gving me the run around ect. When in fact the doctors office has been in business for over 15 years. They also don’t like the idea of preexisting conditions from the prior insurance company. This is not workers compinsation it is a disability claim.
  8. I live in the common Wealth of Pa, one of our state laws says that a generic name brand drug can be replace for a name brand drug. When taking a generic name brand drug and later on something happens the generic name brand drug company is usually off the hook. What about the Common Wealth of Pa since they came with the law are they off the hook?
  9. In the hiring process of employment some companies use a credit check what is it used for? Witch states have forbid credit checks for employment?
  10. In the past I had a problem with my employer business partner witch was a bank. There were in violation of the law. I told my employer don’t mail anything from any third party unless it is union affiliated in some kind of way. They failed to comply. Can I tell my home owners insurance company, activate the lawyer, have my orders enforced by a court since I am the home owner?
  11. If you win the lottery and you select to take the annuity are you guaranteed that money? At any time can you name beneficiaries? Can you lose the amount? How is actually holding the funds in an annuity? If it takes 4 to 6 weeks to collect and you waited 1 month to claim your prize does that one month you waited count? A news media outlet did a story on annuities from a structured settlement with bad results but that was with an insurance annuity.
  12. I was part of Company A at one time then moved to Neighbor town wich that one has an ambulance service. Now just a social member as I have moved on. Company A did not have any contract with the town it was just a verbal agreement that went on for many years between the Town and the Fire Station. There was agreement of the relief funds can only be spent on Fire related items. But as far as luxuries they were funded by private donations. At one point company A Had a shore house in witch they rent out, It was maintained by social members and those funds where used to purchase a new fire truck. There was also a something called a Mutual Aid agreement with the Neighboring town witch would cover workers comp and services says something to the effect our town will not charge your town for any use of services, equipment, or insurance. ect Comapny B is not in that agreement.
  13. In our town we have two fire companies “Company A” has been around for over 100 years and Company B just opened up. Company A is a non profit and independent from the town ie has their own body "board of Directors, Lines officers ect. Company B is owned and operated by the town. Before company B was even in Service Company A was funded by the town and received relief money from the town, plus workers comp insurance. Then one day the town dropped the insurance and stop funding Company A due to administrative reasons. on behalf of comapny A. Company B was formed and then company A Goes under. The members of company A want to give all the assets to two Neighbor town who also responds to fires in the same town and NOT Company B. Who should get all the assets from Company A?
  14. What happens if a couple were to get married and the father lives in one state and the me/mother lives in another state. (due to employment with the indentions as the second state as primary residents.)
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