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  1. emoore47

    Jury vs.Judge

    In a trail of personal vs.state agency-tax issues.what is better Jury or Judge.
  2. emoore47

    Property dividing

    Hello,I am in divorce process.I had a house prior to my marriage that my parents bought for me.After my marriege the house was sold and I used the money purchased property with a partner.I paid 100% of my share of partnership from the house I had before.When I took mortgage to rehab the property the title company made the 2 partners add their wives as well and they insisted on simple partnership agreement.All the expenses of the property was paid in full all the years through the building income.My partner an I were the active part and the wives non active. I also paid 25% down payment of the family home which in time I paid it in full from the income property.Now she lives with our kids in the house for the past 3 years,no rent is paid.can I charge her rent?I pay child and spousal support on time. I wonder what are my rights here,and how the assets can be divided when I was the one who had the money before our marriage