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  1. NJ father predeceased CT mother. Now mom died. Are funds inherited from (1) an irrevocable trust and (2) residual (cash) estate taxable to CT heir?
  2. Two-pronged inquiry: Mom died June 2019 at medical facility in CT. Her residence was in PA though she kept a rental in CT. Executor of Will is seeking to engage T&E lawyer. What state do we need to focus on and can you offer suggestions on what to ask as we interview for an attorney? Topics that come to mind are retainer fee, hourly rate, whether firm has paralegal and/or fiduciary accountants on board (and their fees). Could you provide us with any other helpful tips when looking for representation? Thank you.
  3. Thankyou Adjuster Jack. Parents did not sign anything. Whole ordeal took place on emergency basis without our knowledge until after situation was medically stabilized. We wonder what he is to do having been treated with no way of consenting ahead of time, and now with zero income. Is he even responsible for the balances?
  4. Adult son (CT resident) received emergency medical care in South Carolina. He was incapacitated at the time of services (ambulance, hospital, lab, physician fees, to name a few) and did not call for the services of his own volition. Perhaps that fact is irrelevant. Bills were passed through insurance (he is still a dependent with coverage) and adjusted (or not) accordingly. Son has no means of independent support and thus unable to pay balances. Are parents responsible for residual balances? Thank you.
  5. Thank you, PG1067. It was a simple (a simpleton's) question and I appreciate the time you took to offer insight.
  6. No, not a homework assignment. Just came up in a layman's conversation and so I thought I'd pose the question to those in the know. I enjoy reading Findlaw answers for entertainment sake and figured this would be a good place to ask the question. Am just curious if the three/four words are interchangeable or if there is a nuance of difference.
  7. Hello. Is there a difference, however slight, between the positions of "counsellor", "lawyer" and "attorney" ? One JD offered up that a consellor counsels his/her client on what to do, the other two (lawyer/atty) are interchangeable. That was not very enlightening. And does 'Esquire" fit into this discussion at all? If it matters on this question, the state is Connecticut. Thank you.
  8. Thanks to all for the replies. Funny remark re: homework assignment. You must have teenaged children.
  9. Connecticut. Trying locate information/case studies/ general rulings on the subject of weather being a cause of an injury to a worker, and if that injury could be compensable. For example, firefighter performing a rescue in the midst of Superstorm Sandy and a tree limb falls on the worker. Or an overnight employee at a convenience store remains on the job as the store begins to flood, the worker then slips, falls, and a display case topples on to the employee causing injury. Thanks!
  10. Apologies if I've posted this in the wrong forum. What is the process for a person to legally change her name? I'm just not sure what is petitioner's actual state of residence since she seems to have ties to both CT and NJ. Elderly NJ mother is in the process of moving into household of her CT daughter. Mother is physically in CT, but has not yet obtained CT ID card (she is no longer eligible for a driver's license) to establish permanent CT residencey. Thank you.
  11. Yes. He wanted the ring back. Woman finally saw the light and returned it, after his attorney sent a letter requesting same. How she could think of keeping the ring under the circumstances I cannot imagine. It takes all kinds to make the world go round, I guess.
  12. Thanks so much. Am glad this situation was not my own.
  13. Hello. Man lives in PA, woman lives in CT. Man presents woman with engagement ring in CT and she says yes right then and there. They begin to make wedding plans. Few months later he ends the engagement. She wants to keep the ring. Is she legally (let alone ethically) bound to return it? Thank you.
  14. State of Connecticut. Am employed in non-exempt capacity at Fortune 1000 company which utilizes regular performance appraisal systems (semi-annually). Have consistently received written reviews of 4 out of 5 (best being 5) since joining the firm in 2007. Have received only 1 merit bonus (in 2008) while others in my same role have received a bonus each year. These colleagues are of similar age/ethnicity as I: white, over 50. This issue came to light as I questioned management about lack of bonus for the most recent performance year (2010). Never gave it much thought until now and subsequent research revealed the lack of any payments since 2008. A large part of the reason might be due to the fact that my reporting line straddles different business lines. No one seems to "own" me as an direct report and thus I have been overlooked when it came time to award bonuses. Have you any suggestions as to how I might go about addressing this matter with management/Human Resources? From my point of view this is not a fair way to be treated in light of my colleagues' awards. Thanks for your time and input.
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