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    land patents

    Does anyone know about a land patent, when updated if releases all liens and levies, is this true because i recenty up dated my land/home land patent, the last patent was in april 24 1820 and signed by the president, will this save my home? (michigan residents) thanks,
  2. Does anyone know anything about the law of a sheriff sale, on a foreclosure of a residential property, What does the sheriff need to complete a legal sheriff sale, what kind of documention is needed from the bank, i hurd they must have the original 1099-oid at the time of the sale, and if they dont, the sheriff must not complete the sale, Does anyone know about the procedure and where can i find the law to back it up, thank you,
  3. QUESTION, On a foreclosure of a home and at a sheriff sale, is the sheriff required to have the 1099-void from the bank at the time of the sale, ? and if they don't, are they to stop the sale at once, and if they don't stop the sale then what violation are they violating, where can i find the laws and procedures of the documents that the sheriff must have at every sale to be a legal proceeding any onsite would great, thanks,
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