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    reckless general

    I just got a reckless driving ticket and have to appear in court in October. I was pulled over while pulling up to a stop light. The light to go straight was red and the turning left arrow was green, I was right before the turning lane (where the yellow lines are) and a cop pulled out and almost hit me. We both hit brakes and from there she was blocking me. The only choice I had was to continue to the turing line. In turn I get pulled over and given a reckless driving ticket. No oncoming traffic was coming. I feel there was nothing reckless about it. I was told I may need a lawyer in court. I was curious if this is necessary.

    no next of kin

    I had posed a question to you where a patient was due a refund we sent the refund and per the assisted living facility the patient resided at states that patient is deceased. We contacted them to find that the patient had no next of kin nor estate. Within the response I it said once all efforts had been exhausted the unclaimed monies should be sent to the state. In the state of Virginia in particular? Where exactly does it need to be sent to?
  3. I work for a Medical billing company and we have been receiving checks that are creating a credit balance. When we went to refund it turns out that the patient is now deceased and has no next of kin. Where does this money need to be refunded to?
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