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  1. knort4

    Put late fees on 3 day notice....

    Did you notify the tenants about the late fees before putting them in the 3-day notice? Are the late fees mentioned in the lease agreement?
  2. knort4


    Is there any money left in the trust at this time? Are you not receiving any income or payments from the trust to be able to afford an attorney to represent you? When you are interviewing with attorneys, please explain the value of the asset that you expect to receive so that they can be aware of what you could potentially get and then they may be more willing to work with you on a negotiated or delayed fee until the case is won. Start contacting attorneys outside of the immediate California county that you are in, to try to get leads.
  3. knort4


    Please explain more of the details. What is the exact nature of the assets (what type of real estate is it--land or buildings/homes and what form was the money in (a bank account? certificate of deposit?) How were they taken/stolen? When (what year) did you find out about the theft and was the trustee alive or deceased when you found out about the theft? Did the trustee ever prepare a trust accounting for any year that the trust was in existence?
  4. knort4


    What is the value of the asset that was misappropriated and what was the asset? I know that you want to help, but is it possible that the beneficiary should be taking steps to reclaim this?
  5. knort4


    Trust matters and probate matters are two different situations that are handled separately according to the law. Did this trust require that a trustee's bond be purchased, or does the language exempt that requirement? Why is the previous trustee no longer serving as trustee? You will need to consult with a trust attorney. Your attorney can send the previous trustee a "threatening" letter to ask the trustee to please take steps to legally return the asset to the correct beneficiary and if he won't do that he will face breach of fiduciary duties charges in court.
  6. Please put a positive spin on this by being grateful that you had income from this employment, even though it was for a short time. You will find something more permanent in the future.
  7. knort4

    Services billed, not paid.

    How old is your son? Inform him that doing business by a verbal contract is NOT an acceptable way to do business. Look at your county court information online to see what the filing requirements are for a small claims lawsuit and if the amount he is asking for falls within the limit. Does he have photos or emails or phone messages or any other type of documentation that would indicate he did business on their property? For future projects you can help him find a simple contract/business agreement online or consult with a local business law attorney to get one made that protects him, and also perhaps in the future ask for a deposit to be put up so he can weed out deadbeats who would try to take advantage of him. He needs to collect payment when he has finished a job and not continue to naively continue working in the false expectation that he can trust someone to pay an added-on-to bill in the future.
  8. knort4

    Possible Life Insurance Proceeds

    She can check probate court records for that county online, on a regular basis, perhaps once a week. Right now the family may be grieving and whoever has the will is eventually going to file it perhaps within 30 to 120 days. At that point you can order a copy of the will by mail by contacting the courthouse. Yes, she can go ahead and contact the insurance company to inquire and they may take time to do the research and notify her if she is a beneficiary, or they may tell her they can not do so because of privacy reasons. The executor will have a legal obligation to notify her about anything she qualifies to receive from the will and if the executor is an honest responsible person, he/she will also notify her about the insurance policy proceeds, if any.
  9. Was he exempted by law or by the will from having to post an executor's bond?
  10. knort4

    Debt Validation Letter

    How old is this debt? How much is the debt and do you want to pay it off? Do NOT send this company any information that you have about this matter until you have determined whether a statute of limitations is involved.
  11. Good Afternoon,

    My father was a federal employee for over 30 years in Monmouth county New Jersey. He married in 2014 and named his then wife as the beneficiary. He divorced later and was legally obligated to keep the ex-wife as the beneficiary as long as the alimony agreement lasted. However, the lawyer who prepared the divorce decree failed to prepare it as a QDRO and never submitted it to the plans administrator. The divorce decree states she was only to remain as the beneficiary for the small amount of time the alimony agreement was for and for only 3,600 dollars. My father became very ill the month the alimony agreement ended and died a short while after. Could I possibly sue the lawyer who prepared the divorce decree improperly? The FEGLI supervisor refuses to acknowledge the divorce decree and I'm left to pay debts for his funeral fees. Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Also do a search engine on "Harbor Lights Lighthouses Dealers" and you can contact various dealers who may be interested in these.
  13. knort4

    Simultaneous Death

    What state did the deaths occur in? A caption on your profile implies that you are posting from California, so is that where the deaths occurred? http://www.easylawlookup.com/California-Law/Probate-Code/par-235/_easylookup.blp?GO=Prepare&site=easy&print=&data=probate&p_start=7&p_end=9&p_para=235&p_epara=264&par=235&displayer=YES When interviewing with attorneys, stress the value of the estate so they will be more likely to take the case. The simultaneous death issue is somewhat complex but not completely unresolvable if someone is willing to take the time to do what is necessary.
  14. knort4

    Death of Spouse without a Will

    The beneficiary designation change is definitely illegal using the POA (if the father did not sign the document to approve such a change). You or your attorney should immediately notify the insurance company that this will be challenged and instruct the insurance company not to make a payout. If payout has already been made, then your attorney can give you counsel as to what the next step should be. If your probate attorney is not experienced enough or is unwilling to deal with the insurance company, you can retain the services of an attorney who specializes in insurance interpleader cases to handle this for you.
  15. knort4

    Paid Me In Cash & more

    Please do not make the mistake of filing for unemployment unless your goal is to let the labor department know about this employer's illegal behavior by apparently either not deducting payroll taxes and not deducting unemployment taxes. You can not receive unemployment compensation if there is no record of you ever paying unemployment taxes (which are deducted from your earnings) to begin with. If your state has a tax commission to collect state income taxes, if they find out about this situation they just may send you a bill in an effort to collect income taxes from you on whatever income you received. I understand that you probably needed income to live on but the way you have done it has put yourself at a disadvantage in this case. If you graduated from high school or college, you can find a better job than this! Move out as soon as possible and find another job where the employer asks you to fill out a W2 form so that you can receive regular pay.