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  1. knort4

    Simultaneous Death

    What state did the deaths occur in? A caption on your profile implies that you are posting from California, so is that where the deaths occurred? http://www.easylawlookup.com/California-Law/Probate-Code/par-235/_easylookup.blp?GO=Prepare&site=easy&print=&data=probate&p_start=7&p_end=9&p_para=235&p_epara=264&par=235&displayer=YES When interviewing with attorneys, stress the value of the estate so they will be more likely to take the case. The simultaneous death issue is somewhat complex but not completely unresolvable if someone is willing to take the time to do what is necessary.
  2. knort4

    Death of Spouse without a Will

    The beneficiary designation change is definitely illegal using the POA (if the father did not sign the document to approve such a change). You or your attorney should immediately notify the insurance company that this will be challenged and instruct the insurance company not to make a payout. If payout has already been made, then your attorney can give you counsel as to what the next step should be. If your probate attorney is not experienced enough or is unwilling to deal with the insurance company, you can retain the services of an attorney who specializes in insurance interpleader cases to handle this for you.
  3. knort4

    Paid Me In Cash & more

    Please do not make the mistake of filing for unemployment unless your goal is to let the labor department know about this employer's illegal behavior by apparently either not deducting payroll taxes and not deducting unemployment taxes. You can not receive unemployment compensation if there is no record of you ever paying unemployment taxes (which are deducted from your earnings) to begin with. If your state has a tax commission to collect state income taxes, if they find out about this situation they just may send you a bill in an effort to collect income taxes from you on whatever income you received. I understand that you probably needed income to live on but the way you have done it has put yourself at a disadvantage in this case. If you graduated from high school or college, you can find a better job than this! Move out as soon as possible and find another job where the employer asks you to fill out a W2 form so that you can receive regular pay.
  4. knort4

    Nick-nacks; inventory list; executor fraud

    Valuable pieces of jewelry are not knick-knacks. If you have no inventory of what items were in her home, how are you going to prove what was there? Did the executor follow correct procedure by sending you a copy of the will? You need to hire the services of a probate attorney in whatever city that the probate court is located, to represent your interest and your sisters' interest in this estate so you all can receive what you are entitled to. Even if you can't attend the hearings in person, your attorney can attend on your behalf.
  5. You were told this by the company in what year? Ask the company, by a letter you write and send to them by certified mail, for the name and address of the company that is holding the pension and/or a copy of the pension plan that your husband was enrolled under. After you receive the information, consult with a friend or an attorney to find out what you need to do next, if anything.
  6. Do your parents know of your dislike of the way your brother does things? It probably wouldn't matter even if they did know, they probably favor him so much that they are blind to his faults. Is there another friend of the family, or their attorney, or the trust department of a bank that they would trust to be trustee instead of your brother? You can politely suggest that they use someone else, but I doubt if they will listen to reason.
  7. knort4

    New tenant issue

    Take pictures of the situations you encounter. There should be a city department that you can complain to about this--perhaps the health department and/or the mayor's office or city council. Hopefully after city investigates, your neighbors will be inclined to correct whatever is wrong. Hopefully you will not have to move elsewhere "in fear" of how they might wish to retaliate.
  8. Yes, this is a violation. But do you know exactly how the PI used the information to your detriment? Forget about the PI for now and focus your anger/efforts toward the party who actually did the laundering by using your SSN. Did you file a complaint about this with the bank and is the bank investigating? Is this matter currently being litigated in a court case or has it not gotten that far yet?
  9. knort4

    Defective Refrigerator

    Specifically, what has Costco said when you complained? You may want to contact your state Attorney General's office to ask for advice.
  10. knort4

    Landlord Lock out

    All you can do is ask and see what happens. Out of sympathy, the owner may go ahead and give you access because owner may want to get the unit cleared as soon as possible so that it can be rented to someone else. If you have a video camera so that you can record all rooms in the premises, do it so there will be a record/inventory of what items were there at the time of moving, in case it may be needed for probate purposes.
  11. Maybe the administrator made an effort to locate the parent or guardian but could not find a current address.
  12. knort4


    You need your own attorney to go after what you may be entitled to, but I'm not sure if you need a probate attorney or a business law attorney.
  13. Why not bring up the issue of who should get the dogs during the custody hearing?
  14. knort4


    Were you named in his will as a beneficiary? Did you receive anything after probate was over? Are you saying that you were never notified about when the probate proceedings would be done at the courthouse? Was the condo listed as an asset in the probate proceedings?
  15. knort4

    Bank is Trust of deceased Mom's condo

    Is this the first time you are hearing about the existence of this trust? If there is a trust document, then IF you were named as one of the beneficiaries of the trust, then Florida law requires the trustee to notify and inform all beneficiaries (soon after your mother's death) and provide them with a copy of the trust and accounting statements fand trust tax returns for each year the trust has been in existence. It seems that the trustee did not do this. Is it possible that the trustee did not know how to locate you? Ask a New Hampshire trust attorney to send a written request to the trustee to ask for a copy of the trust and then you can decide whether or how you want to proceed. It should tell you who owns the home or who will own it in the future, whether or not you are entitled to receive any income from the trust, etc.