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  1. First of all, I am aware I can sue an individual. I find it hard to believe that this would get me anywhere, i.e. that a judgment would be made in my favor, when the other party is denying the accident occurred at all. How can I prove it did? Also, since the other party denies this happened, that implies that I have made a fraudulent claim. Could I actually be charged with a crime because of this? [This post has been moved to the appropriate discussion. - Moderator]
  2. I live in Arizona. I was in a minor collision recently. I was turning left onto the street the other vehicle was already traveling on. I had stopped in mid turn because the sun was in my eyes and the other car hit me. I have minor damage to the right rear of my vehicle. No one was hurt. We exchanged insurance info but neither of us felt like waiting for the police and so the cops didn't come and there is no accident report. I filed a claim with the other party's insurance company about a month later. But the other party is denying that there ever was an accident now and since I don't have a police report their insurance company doesn't want to pay. What can I do?
  3. For the record: You answered my question when you said that it didn't make sense. But your assumption that I had the number wrong was incorrect. That is exactly how it appears on the indictment. So apparently it was written wrong on the indictment and it is still unclear what the second charge is.
  4. My fiance is an inmate in Tucson, AZ who was caught in possession of a cell phone in prison. He has been charged by the county attorney with violating the following (1) A.R.S. 13-2505 Promoting Prison Contraband and (2) A.R.S. 13-4101 which states the following: 13-4101 Witness for defendant When a defendant has been held to answer for a public offense, he or the state may, either before or after an indictment or information has been filed, have witnesses examined conditionally on his behalf, as prescribed in this article. I can understand the first charge but not the second. How can he be charged with "Witness for defendant"?
  5. I am a merchandiser in the state of Arizona. I have been with my present employer since August of 2008. When I applied for my current position I was already employed by a different company doing the same kind of work for $12/hr. I negotiated with my present employer for higher wages and more hours than I had been receiving. These terms were listed in my offer of employment letter. That offer letter states that I will receive $10.75 per hour plus a daily stipend of $23.00. This stipend was added as an incentive to work for the company, as the hourly rate was below my minimum requirements and I had been being paid more than that at the job I already had at the time the offer was made. I accepted the job offer based on those terms and everything was fine up until a few weeks ago when my employer decided to simply eliminate the payment of stipends to employees. In spite of the agreement presented in my offer letter they went ahead and did this, causing me financial hardship due to receiving significantly less pay. I felt this was unfair and unreasonable and I asked my supervisor if anything could be done. I was told that I could not be given a raise to compensate for my loss of income because a "raise freeze" was in effect. No other possible (or impossible) "solutions" were presented and it seems that my supervisor considers the matter to be closed. Should I not expect my employer to honor the terms of my offer of employment? I am now earning about $500 less per month because of this and I am unable to pay my bills. What can I do?
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