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  1. Talk to an attorney. Many offer initial consultation at no charge.
  2. Contact your state department of insurance.......
  3. Yes, technically, you need to prove all maintenance was provided according to what the manufacturer recommends or requires. Sometimes a dealer will provide service without verification of maintenance but they certainly don't have to...
  4. Neither of you have any 'legal' custody rights since you've decided not to go to court. Nobody knows what a judge would decide should you actually do the right thing and go to court...
  5. Pay for what you got. People make mistakes. Is it really worth the few bucks difference?
  6. GotUrback


    How old are you? Obviously, that makes a difference.
  7. I always find it sad when one parent works so hard to alienate children from their other parent. It's difficult when the children have been convinced that you didn't want them, such that forcing them to visit may not be a good idea. A good counselor would be worth engaging...
  8. Whether or not the father is responsible, he's still the boy's father. It's usually in a child's best interest to keep the family name he was born with, but it sure seems like 'your' top priority to get it changed. Make your relationship with him and his mother your priorities and work to make his relationship with his father grow. And leave his name alone....
  9. GotUrback


    What state? Also, your attorney, or any attorney would probably ansewr that for you.
  10. Unless stipulated a prenup lasts forever. Why would you think it has an expiration date?
  11. GotUrback


    Every state has requirements, like residency, that must be met. Nevada's may be more lax that others? Where you were married doesn't matter...
  12. It sounds like you're doing everything you can except to 'pay' and hire an attorney to sue. Nothing else seemingly will work. From how much he overcharged you you have the money....
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