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  1. ok,,thats what i was thinking but i wanted to make sure,,,,,thank you for your reply
  2. I bought a chevy Blazer about a month ago. I put it in the shop on march 13th and they just called me to notify me that the work on it has finally been completed. I was told over the phone that the total cost would be $1600 or thereabouts. They call back about 20 mins later and tell me that the new guy at the front desk made some mistakes and that the total cost woud be nearly $2000...I understand that mistakes can be made by new employees, but in this case, which price are they (the shop) obligated to honor? thank you
  3. Thank you, retiredinva and findlaw_re...I appreciate your help and my Brother will too
  4. Hello all, Im not sure if this is the right category or not but here's my question. My brother has a son who is 31 yrs old and living at home. The man wont get a job, do anything around the house, sleeps all day, out all night and walks around the house like he owns it, intimidating (bullying) both my brother and his wife. In short, he is a good for nothing freeloader. My brother has asked him to leave but he will not budge. He is very sick with breathing issues and cannot take much more. What are his legal options if any? thank you very much
  5. 1 ) she was told by the service technician.... 2) There was no documentation of any kind, box or anything else. Just the router. I did not think to ask. I was under the assumption that the problem would be solved
  6. My ex wife had recently been having intermittent connectivity issues with her wifi. She was told that if she purchased a router with stronger output that the problem would be solved. She didnt have the money so she asked me if i would buy it for her and I agreed. After installation, the problems continued. She made numerous calls to the company and finally got them to send out a technician. He replaced a wire and all was well...for about an hour. Then the issues began again. Her and I both contacted them, she via phone and I via Facebook messaging. They blocked me from messaging them and told her to get a computer tech to check her computer system because it was that. Well, he came out and discovered that the router that i had purchased was defective. I contacted the wifi co. via email as instructed and was informed that they did not refund purchases on routers and that they would replace the item if the defective one was returned to them and they determined that it was so. Shouldnt the wifi tech have informed us of that fact before i purchased the item? We were not told any such thing, All we were told is that there was a year warrentee on it. I would rather have my money back, given that it is not needed. I have written and sent dispute letter to my credit card co. as well. Any recommendations? thank you
  7. Adjusterjack, I tried not to get into the specifics but i guess sometimes it has to be done to get the point across. As far as the assault, i just told her that if it happens again i would call the police...She is my daughter, and im trying to handle this as diplomatically as possible...i have found another place and am in the process of working that out...I had in mind to give her half of the ele bill but then came the disrespect. I guess she'll have to learn this lesson the hard way...I appreciate your input
  8. Thank you very much, Findlaw_JN. I appreciate youre reply. My deepest apologies, Fallen..~sheepish grin~...Adjusterjack, without going into much detail, I had been paying the rent in full and the cable/internet for 6 months previous, buying ALL of the groceries(which I still do) and take care of HER cat, ie, litterbox, feed and water, etc which she had to have but now all of a sudden does not want...plus, among other things, paid for other bills for her that she could not pay...not to mention physical assault against me. so, there are extenuating circumstances. please dont rush to judgement here
  9. Respectfully, Thank you again, Fallen and to you, Adjusterjack, for the link.
  10. Thank you sir, for your reply. We are in a verbal m to m. Also, I failed to mention that I have told her that I will be out by the 15th of the month.
  11. I am currently rooming with my daughter in a 2 bdrm apt. She is the lease of the apt. We verbally agreed to split the rent, (which is paid up till the 15th) while she pays the electric and I pay for the cable and internet. She got the electric bill for this month and is now demanding that I pay for half of it. She said that if I don't, i'll have to immediately leave the premises. What are my rights in this situation? thank you.
  12. Greetings, My daughter and her ex BF have a child together and have gone to court to settle visitation.... in this situation, the court has allowed the child's father visitation, ordering it to be at his mothers house every other weekend. Now, he wants to have visitation at another location not specified by the court order. Is that possible? I'd like to find out if anything needs to be done legally to eliminate any possible problems that may arise... thank you for your help regards,
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