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    Forgive me if this is not right.

    I live in AZ  I am just recovering from a brain bleed. That was September first 2017.I had a stent put in my head or a coil its called & a drain tube that ends up in my gut. I was told that its going be a long recovery& I can't work.

    Everything I have read on the SSD sight is so confusing.

    Do I get a lawyer before I file a came ?  

    It seems like my case is so new that a lawyer will not take the case because its so new& I can't pay for one.

    Please help. Thank you for your time in this mater.


    1. FindLaw_JY


      Hello. if you'd like responses to your questions please post a new thread in the appropriate board. Not many (any?) posters will see it here, and I can't seem to move it into a thread myself.

    2. dogcatone


      Well I didn't know where to post it. What board would be appropriate? I have only a limed time on computer at my moms.

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