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  1. My grandson visited some friends; shook hands with someone, then was arrested for distribution. When he was searched, all that was retrieved was $5.00, a pack cigarettes and my cell phone. The arresting officer stated that he had witnessed him making a drug transaction. No dope or any quantifiable amount of money was found on him. He has gone to 3 preliminary hearings, in the span of 4 months; at which time the arresting officer has NEVER shown up and the Judge, himself, kept extending the trial. On the fourth time, the officer finally did show at which time the Judge has now decided that he has evidence enough to charge my grandson with distribution. Now, his lawyer, from the Public Defenders office has NOT done ONE thing with regards to defending my grandson's rights. When the officer did not show the first two times, the third time the lawyer should have argued for a dismal of all charges. Do you think we should just get a real lawyer - one who will fight for my grandson? How can you have probable cause if you found NOTHING? No money and no drugs? Tell me how?
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