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  1. Recently I was in a car accident. A private garbage truck ran into me. The police came insurances were exchanged. I was traveling out of town the same day so i left the towing details with the Police Officer. The other persons insurace adjuster came to look at my car to see the damages, however, the storage company would not let the adjuster to look. In the meantime the storage company contacted me for a deal to pay $50.00 and they will bring me my personal items and will trash the car. I explained to them that I was not a fault and the insurance adjuster has to estamate the damanges. Do this storage company have the right to do this?
  2. I am currently renting an apartment in a private home. The owner of the home issues out rental notices aroutn 2nd week in the month for next month's rent. There is a phase in the notice stipulating that the full rent is due in cash on or before the 1st of the month. No checks or money orders accepted. Also, late fees of $45.00 apply in additonal to rent do by the 3rd day plus $5 additional after the 3rd day. In other words rent due by 2nd day $1000.00 on 3rd day $1045.00 is due. By the 4th day $1050 due on so forth. Also the fuse box to operate my lighting in my rental space is down in the basement which is also occupied by a tenat. If my lights go out, which they have, this person is seldon at home to turn the power surge back on. Therefore, I am force i n the dark stove is electric pliot refridgrator is off This happens because the house is not up to date in wiring and does not generate enough current to operated and upstand moden day appliciances. 6f
  3. I understamd your answew that my situation is not a contract which is the meeting of the minds, then why should an employee be penalized and loose pay if they are not adhering to this so call no contract?
  4. If an employer can change written policies that had rules and guildlines for the employee to follow in order to be grant vacation, sicke/personal time off with pay, then what is the since of having written communication? Verbal communication is used in this work place and misunderstaning is common. Policy that is given to employees concernin: vacation- accrue every 22 working days 5/6 of a day, you are eligible to exercise (10) days per calander year and can not accrue no more than 20 days. If an employee have accrued 20 days without exercising them, then no more days will the employee accrue until at least some are used sick/personal- every 22 days (1) sick day is accured. Employee can accrue 12 sick days per calander year. From the 12 sick dayss, (3) of these days can be used as persoanl days. Why take the time and effort to put in place the above rules if can be changed by the tip of the hat or I am not feeling this today. There must be a legal clause that even when changed the employee should be notified. By the way and employee must sign off that they have received these policies and are at random that suspensions are recommended to the employee if not followed.....
  5. If a company is not responsible to adhere to a written policy in place and has the authority to change your fringe benefit privaliges, then why are you informed that you have these benefits and you are following rules and procedures to exercise with pay(vacations) you have personal matters that acquire businees hours and dayst o resolve (personal time) you happen to be sick on days that are beyound your control and are denied to to the day you are sick What is the use of having and informing your employees that they have the time to exercise the above and have followed the rules that governs the above, if...... they are changed by the tip of the hat!!!!!!
  6. My employment has personnel policies in plan in writing. My concernments are vacation, sick/persoanl time. As employees request to exercisie their vacation, sick/personal time and await for approval according to written policies that are in place, these policies are being constantly change verbally and are denied. Need to know my employee rights
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