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  1. Yes that description is correct. I know about the acquisition because the acquirer is a multi-billion-dollar public company and the merger was widely publicized. I will dig out the paperwork from 2007 and update the thread with the specific language.
  2. Hi, In 2007, I signed a severance agreement that included a provision that I would not apply for a job at the company going forward. The company was subsequently purchased. There is a role in 2019 I would like to apply for at the parent company. Am I precluded from applying because of the previous agreement or did that promise terminate when the company no longer existed after the purchase? Thanks!
  3. if a Cub Scout in NJ, age 9, has worked on and earned a religious award sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America and the Cubmaster, in order to satisfy a vendetta against his parent, excludes him from the group to receive the award (which will be awarded at a Catholic Mass in front of the Parish), is there any legal recourse? The award was signed off by the Religious Coordinator and the Deacon. Thank you for your prompt response.
  4. I am in NJ and I recently left a position giving the company 2 weeks notice. They provided me a temp to train 2 1/2 days before I was leaving. I used the time I had with the person as well as I could and believed I left on good terms, being assured that I should have my final paycheck on the 15th of the month, but that the check for my my accrued vacation (There was no disagreement in the number of days) might need to go in the following pay period (the 31st). I received a call on my first day of no longer being employed by them that they were trying to find some electronic files and needed my help, which I provided. In the course of that conversation with my former boss, she informed me that since they did not know where anything was, they would be pulling back my vacation pay that was being direct deposited until they knew where everything was. Part of my job was streamlining and they seemed very surprised to find that I had been working paperless since 2009, so while everything was on the network, there were minimal hard copies. In an effort of cooperation, I wrote up (on my own time) summaries of the procedures that I did not get to explain to the temp in our 2 1/2 days and emailed them to my boss and copied her boss. I also followed up 2 days later with an email to ask if anything else was needed- same distribution. The only reply I received for the summaries was a one-word email from her boss saying "Thanks." I got no response to the email offering to provide anything else. Two days later, I phoned her boss to suggest that it was time to either tell me what else they were lacking or to pay me and he agreed that he would talk with my boss and get back to me by phone. That did not happen and the following day I sent an email asking for a response on the status by end of day, which also received no response. It occurs to me that I could have left with no notice and that would not warrant them keeping my vacatiion pay, as I believe notice is not required, only customary. Does a company have the option of paying accrued vacation or not? If they are required, how would I go about pursuing my money? Thanks for your help.
  5. In that case, is there any way to be reimbursed partially for funeral expenses and the inheritance tax by the insurance proceeds left to the estate, or will those never be claimed if the estate is too small to probate?
  6. My apologies for the lack of continuity. I read elsewhere on the site that the inheritance tax is paid by the estate and I merged that information with my original question. I got confused how the tax could be paid by the estate- if no will is probated, no estate account opened. Can you help me understand how the inheritance tax can be paid by the estate? Thanks
  7. So any payments being made to her estate can never be collected because the will is not probated, even though I was paying all the bills up to this point? I guess I thought I could be reimbursed by the estate somehow.
  8. My mother died in PA and while she had a will that named me executor that many family members knew about, it could not be found at her death. Based on that fact and the small estate rules in PA, no probate action has been taken. She had a car, small bank accounts (one on her own, one shared with my brother and one shared with me) and 15 shares of stock. Concerning the account she and I shared, I have been told I will need to pay inheritance tax on the portion that represented her interest prior to 9 months after her passing. I notified the bank of her passing and provided them with a death certificate. Does the bank notify the state and send me a bill or is there some other action I need to take to receive a bill for the inheritance tax? The 9 month deadline is getting closer and I have not received anything. Are there penalties if the inheritance tax is paid after the 9-month mark? Also, would there be a similar tax to be paid for the account shared with my brother? Thanks
  9. Hi, My mother passed away in Pennsylvania and we are having difficulty finding her original will. We have a copy that is clearly marked as such, but when I tried to contact the lawyer who prepared it, she is no longer in business in the area. I understand that "Some jurisdictions will permit you to lodge the will with the probate court for a nominal fee. " (The "" borrowed from your findlaw site on wills) How can I find out if my mother's will has already been lodged with the probate court at the time she made the will? Also, does it matter if the county she died in is different from the county it may have been lodged (where the lawyer's office was at the time-pre 1998)? Thanks for your help
  10. I live in NJ. I pay tuition for my daughter to attend 2nd grade in a private Catholic school. My daughter's grades average B to B+. When we received my daughter's report card in November, one of the grades was in the low C range. As this is not her norm, we wanted to discuss with the teacher which expectation was not met that the grade was so low. It is January, approaching the close of the second marking period and the teacher has refused to meet with us-emails and phone calls have been ignored. Since then, we have learned that this teacher gave everyone in the class the same grade. No tests are given, no homework, nothing empirical, purely this teacher's opinion rules. And apparently the teacher is involved in the church in other ways, so when the principal has requested the teacher meet with parents, this teacher has simply said no, implying that if the issue is pushed, the church would be left in a lurch because this teacher would leave everyone high and dry. I do not know if we are protected by any laws since we pay for a service (education) and we clearly are not getting what we paid for. I appreciate any input from those in the know. Thanks, Little3smom
  11. At what age do children of opposite sex have to stop sharing a room?
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