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  1. Have any of you ever heard of anyone who had their lifetime medical taken away by a judge after the settlement was awarded and settled?
  2. I would like to know the legal term for "retired" on record for a felony charge. Can this in any way be considered a conviction?
  3. y2kladyt

    no true bill

    My Husband was charged with aggravated assault in Tennessee. He admitted to the police that he hit the guy to stop him because the guy hit my husband once then punched me in the face 4 times and then hit my husband again. He was trying to defend us and our patrons and place of business. We have allot of witnesses to what happened but the police wouldn't listen or even talk to us. Well my husbands case goes to grand jury and a no true bill comes back. But here is the problem; the DA says she is going to re-present it to the grand jury till she gets a true bill. IS THIS LEGAL?
  4. Costs money that i don't have for a lawyer. The reason i am concerned is because the DA doesn't have or want anything to do with me going in front of grand jury. The grand jury went through a procedure of first me seeing the foreman and then going in front of the Forman and 2 panel members that i picked and they decided that i could testify before the grand jury. That's why all the questions, do not trust anyone after what i have been through. That's why i wondered if it was normal, not because i have anything to hide.
  5. Tennessee. I have been allowed to testify in front of the full grand jury for an assault that was made upon myself. But, I got a letter that said "You will be required to execute a waiver of rights against self-incrimination before you are allowed to testify" Is this normal? Isn't this against my fifth amendment rights? Maybe someone could shed some light on this I only have till tomorrow to find out. Thanks.
  6. y2kladyt


    I live in Tennessee and would like to know the correct procedure to press charges or make a complaint against someone. I was assaulted and tried to press charges or make a complaint against the person who did it and went right t the sheriff dept to do it and was told "NO" and told to leave and shown the exit door. I went to a free consultation with a lawyer and he told me that they couldn't tell me "NO" that it was against my constitutional rights and to see a magistrate. Magistrate was very nice and said that he could put in a criminal summons but that didn't mean anything would be done about it and the DA could just throw it away and for me to go through the grand jury. When I tried to do that The Jury foreman told me I had to see the DA whom I think is the problem in the first place. Where to I go and what do I do next?
  7. Scenario: Man who owns bar tells patron to get off a table that he is laying on. Patron says no, F>U. and bar owner pushes him off table onto a chair. Bar owner while walking away gets blindsided from patron and falls to floor. Bar owners wife walks in and see's husband on floor and friend of patron trying to push him out of bar. Wife tells him to get out and takes other arm and starts leading him to door and he punches her in face 4 times. Another bar patron who is also a woman comes to wifes aid and punches woman beater in the face. Bar owners wife still trying to get him out the door, even after being hit, ends up kneeing him in the nards because he tries to punch her again. Finally gets him out to vehicle after he pulls her around by her hair and slams her into a 4x4 post and tells him to stay put while trying to get someone to find his friend who drove him. She gets to the front door of bar where her husband (the bar owner) is standing with patrons friend and woman beater comes from behind back into the doorway of bar and punches bar owner in face . Bar owner hits him with flashlight. He falls to ground and has cut in head and is bleeding. Then he is picked up by family member and put in vehicle and told to go home. While leaving woman beaters friend puts the car in reverse and pushes down on accelerator to the point that stones are flying and BAM hits a tree so hard that the ground shook. Bar owners wifes face had the skin scraped off cheekbone on face when hit and hair all pulled out. Bar owner has bruise on face. everyone in bar talks about incident and wife and husband don't call police because they are told that the patron and friend are on probation and not supposed to be in bar and they decide that he will never be let in bar again. 2 days later find out that the patron is pressing charges. Police come to bar 5 days after incident and put bar owner in jail for aggravated assault. After taking bar owner away ask the wife for a statement. she tells them no, that they should have finished their investigation before throwing husband in jail. she tells them that husband was hit twice and herself 4 times before husband had to used force to stop the patron. Shows Police her face and he says " we heard that their was a possibility that you were hurt". Bar patron who is sitting their and listening to this asks police if she can press charges and they tell her she can. she says that on the way to the jail to pick up her husband that she will think about it. When she gets to the jail, bondsman tells her that she definitely needs to press charges and he calls a deputy. deputy takes her back to where the two other deputy's that were at the bar are at and he tells them that she wants to press charges and they say no. they point her to an exit door and tell her to leave. #1 WHAT KIND OF INVESTIGATION IS IT WHEN NO ONE IS QUESTIONED #2 IF THEY HAD HEARD THAT BAR OWNERS WIFE WAS PUNCHED IN FACE ARE THEY NOT SUPPOSED TO UPHOLD THE LAW AND INVESTIGATE THAT ALSO? #3 WERE THEY ALLOWED TO TELL HER THAT THEY WOULDN'T LET HER PRESS CHARGES EVEN AFTER THEY SEEN THE DAMAGE TO HER FACE AND KNEE? #4 ISN'T WHAT BAR OWNER DID SELF DEFENSE WHEN HE HAD NO OTHER CHOICE TO TRY TO PROTECT HIMSELF AND WIFE? #5 WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT ANY OF THIS? #6 DOESN'T BAR OWNER AND HIS WIFE HAVE A RIGHT TO PRESS CHARGES SINCE THEY WERE HIT FIRST OR AT ALL FOR THAT MATTER?
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