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  1. Speaking from experience or projecting? A lot of women feel uncomfortable when purchasing feminine products as do men when purchasing for their daughters, wives or girlfriends . As to OP, just shop somewhere else.
  2. You may well be entitled to a portion of his military retirement in the divorce and you may be entitled to be paid monthly directly through DFAS. . It depends upon how long you were married during the time he was active duty. You mentioned his social security but you haven't mentioned yours. It sounds like you were married longer than 10 years and you are of retirement age so you can collect on his SS number which I'm guessing will be higher than if you went under your number.
  3. Per curiam means the court was unanimous. Sua sponte means the court took notice of an issue on its own motion without prompting or suggestion from any party.
  4. Unless the cops told the parents to do it, the evidence is admissible...
  5. First you weren' t pulled over. Second it wasn't illegal for the cop to contact you. Third, just because the vehicle was loaned to your daughter or anyone to use, if she/they 1) have kids in an Az school 2) work in AZ , 3) have an AZ driver's license or 4) have lived in AZ for 7 months or more, the car has to be registered in AZ. As the driver at that time, you are just as liable for driving a vehicle that isn't properly registered in AZ. Nobody gets a pass because the car is loaned by someone who has it registered in TX.
  6. The first count is a first degree felony. The person is designated as a major drug offender, and the court shall impose as a mandatory prison term a maximum first degree felony mandatory prison term which is at least 11 years.
  7. The warrant isn't filed with the court until after it's executed and then it is filed with the inventory of what was seized, which is called the return. Your son needs a lawyer. If he can't afford one, he can ask that the public defender be appointed to represent him.
  8. The Rastafari "religion" has been around since the 1930's. It's roots are in Jamaica. There are around 700,000 members around the world although they are not centralized and have no "leader" like a pope or bishop. Haile Selassie was a Rastafarian and some considered him a prophet. Bob Marley was also a Rasta.
  9. The first rule of being a writer is to write what you know. If you don't know, find another genre.
  10. That surprised me since civil forfeiture has been in existence in GA with regard to drugs for years. The legislature amended the code effective in 2015 to add a statute under the civil code (Title 9, Chapter 16). It got a lot of online coverage at the time. It may be in civil code but the forfeiture is tied directly to your criminal case....
  11. There are innumerable exceptions that apply to searches done during a traffic stop. No DA in CA is going to just agree to suppress evidence. When the search is not based upon a warrant, there is a hearing where the officer testifies. It's almost too easy for the DA to make the search fit and exception.....
  12. There are more steps. Arraignment, preliminary hearing conference (which could be called a pretrial) where the hearing is confirmed or set over to another day. After the preliminary hearing, if the defendant is bound over, there is an arraignment on the information within 21 days. THEN at that arraignment, the matter would be set for trial and there would be a date set as the last day for pretrial motions such as suppression or to set aside the information. Motions to suppress evidence are NOT run at an arraignment. It's required that a formal motion be filed and the DA served at least 10 days before. They can be done during the preliminary hearing with 5-days notice to the DA. Otherwise, it's done separately after the defendant is arraigned on the information. Note that in CA, if the court dismisses after suppressing evidence, the DA can refile the case and get another hearing on the suppression issue and they can also appeal the ruling.
  13. It's not blackmail--his attorney initiated the negotiations.
  14. Sorry VA, you don't have the facts straight starting off with the woman contacting the famous person's attorney. She didn't. She was approached by the gossip rag run by the famous person's friend. She wouldn't sell to them so the famous person couldn't run catch and kill through his publisher friend like he had before. Famous person had his attorney contact her to pay her off to keep quiet. It's not that the famous person paid her off, although that just makes him more of a sleaze since he also lied about it for months. It's that the payments were made after he began running for office and he tried to cover them up by running through is attorney and not reporting them to federal elections.
  15. Bundy's first problem in the court system is that he insisted on leading his defense team. He prevented them from asserting a competency defense. His appellate attorneys tried to argue ineffective assistance of counsel but since he conducted most of his defense, that didn't fly....
  16. The kind of press coverage we have of criminal trials is very unique. In the UK, it doesn't happen. What the press can print and when is tightly controlled about a criminal case is tightly controlled for that very reason.
  17. That's what happens with high profile cases. The press jumps all over it and the world gets to watch.
  18. Why not write a letter to the traffic court with a copy of his documentation explaining the situation and including the citation number so the court can locate the file?
  19. If she doesn't work, how will you support her if allowed to emigrate? That's what they want to know. The current administration has added hurdles to prevent immigration where there's the chance they might seek financial assistance from the government once they get here.
  20. The law on simple possession of drugs changed with the enactment of proposition 47 in November 2014. Anyone who had a felony conviction for simple possession can petition the court for the charge to be reduced to misdemeanor. Anyone charge after November 2014 only faces a misdemeanor charge. 3 oz is simple possession.
  21. It would be nice if you didn't post one long sentence so we could figure out what you're trying to tell us. I'm assuming you didn't put any drugs in the car but you do know how the car got to where it was when the police had it towed. That's probably all they want you to testify to. You can't claim the 5th if your testimony doesn't incriminate YOU specifically. You didn't drive the car.
  22. Under prop 47, simple drug possession is no longer a felony. Your post isn't clear which offense you refer to when you say the person got diversion. The reference to 1192.5 likely means that he withdrew his plea so there is no conviction to consider. Why is this a concern for you?
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