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  1. If the statute of limitations has run so you can no longer be charged, you can seek a court order for the return of your property. Consult local counsel.
  2. If the marriage is legal where it's entered into, it's legal in the US. An undocumented immigrant can legally marry in any state in the union.
  3. You can sue them in small claims for your injuries. Would have been a good idea to at least see a doctor right after....
  4. To be honest, you chose not to seek the court's assistance in having contact with your child, whatever your reasoning, which put you in a very bad position now. A court could have ordered regular visitation that was enforceable. Of course, it would also order you to pay child support and to provide health insurance coverage. You didn't do that. You follow the mother on facebook but you haven't seen your child since she was born. She doesn't know you. She may not even know of you. At this point should your child's step-father seek to adopt and the court finds him a suitable parent, there's very little chance you can stop it.
  5. Your post is really confusing. Are you saying that you were trying to subpoena opposing counsel? You said you thought the hearing was for that and then say that you didn't realize the hearing was that day even though apparently you were there....When you say the judge ruled against you, is that with regard to the subpoena's or what? What is the whole case about? I second Jack's view--you should have an attorney.
  6. You didn't ask a question and you didn't identify a state. Why did you leave instead of calling 911 and waiting for the cops? Was anybody else there besides the two of you?
  7. I agree with Jack. Save yourself the hassle and just buy a new one and put it in.
  8. That's exactly right. You want to make a change now, you have to do it to whatever the code is now. All the grandfather provision means is what is can stay. You want to change anything structurally, then you have to abide by the rules as they are now.
  9. Presumably the carpet was clean when you moved in. It should be clean when you move out.
  10. Who paid the bond is, unfortunately, irrelevant. The court has the sole power to apply the cash bond to fines and fees and that's what it did. You can seek repayment from your friend.
  11. LegalwriterOne

    owi - iowa

    When you refuse to submit to chemical testing, your license is revoked for a year for a first offense and two years for a subsequent offense. You will not be able to legally drive at all for 90 days, and then you make seek a restricted permit.
  12. In NV, the state public defender submits accountings periodically to collect monies from the counties for services provided that the counties in turn have collected from the defendants. Telling the PD to write if off doesn't mean that the county still can't collect the money. Where the county deems the debt uncollectable, the debt is assigned to the state controller to collect on behalf of that county....
  13. And there would be costs added on top of the 1/3, so the OP would actually get less than $10K.
  14. First credibility is something that the jury exclusively decides. Second, lying doesn't always equal perjury. Third, in order to preserve the issue, the defense had to object and ask that the court find misconduct. The court could/should then rule by instructing the jury to ignore the prosecutor's statement and remind them that they are the finders of fact and nothing the attorneys say is evidence to consider. Lastly, it's only when the misconduct renders the trial so unfair that an appellate court will treat it as any more than a footnote. It takes a whole lot more than a single statement during closing argument to get to that threshold.
  15. If the order says the step-down happens when the kid graduates, which it certainly seems to do, then the step-down doesn't happen until that occurs. If there was no step-down provision in the order, you would be obligated to pay support until the kid graduated or turned 20 whichever happened sooner. Thus, the step-down shouldn't happen until the kid graduates or turns 20. If you are unsure, you can consult a local attorney, take a risk and act on your own as Jack suggests or you can go to the court and get clarification which doesn't cost anything.
  16. The statute says child support continues after 18 if the child is attending high school and has not graduated by age 18. The support continues while the kid is a high school student until he graduates or turns 20 whichever is sooner. If the kid was a drop-out, then that part of the statute wouldn't apply and the step-down would happen when the kid turned 18 or at the point when he dropped out if it was after turning 18. If the OP wants to argue that he should be entitled to the step-down now, he will have to go to court.
  17. Sorry, but GA Code 19-6-15 provides that if even if the kid is 18, if they are still in high school, child support continues until they graduate or turn 20. You would need to go back to court if you want to try to get the amount changed sooner.
  18. The first term of probation you are required to follow is "obey all laws." You violate that when you use illegal drugs and the police are authorized to arrest you for that violation. That you got released doesn't mean they were wrong. If the VOP is reported to your probation officer, expect to be violated and potentially do more time in jail.
  19. Depending on the case, she could be busy for months. It sounds like she saw you as a courtesy and simply doesn't have the time to deal with your issue now. You are free to consult another attorney or you can wait.
  20. The law hasn't changed--Colorado has required child support to age 19 since 1997. Obviously, NM is enforcing the order for Colorado and they made an error in applying their statute instead of the controlling statute of Colorado. The error has now been corrected. Rather than phoning, correspondence with the CYFD should ALWAYS be in writing.
  21. Absolutely. The jail gets a cut of every payment made for off-site video visits. That's why a lot of jails are going this route and why they only have a couple of monitors available for those who don't want to go the personal wi-fi route. It makes it inconvenient to have to go down to the sheriff station and wait your turn.....
  22. The visits at the jail are by video but they're free. You don't have to pay to do it from your home. See:http://www.co.stokes.nc.us/sheriff/index_files/Page532.htm
  23. County jails in CA have video visits. If someone can't afford to pay for it, they make an appointment at the sheriff's office and get the video visit there for free. They can even go everyday.
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