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  1. If there is no custody or visitation order then his visits are what you are willing to provide. You might have him visit at your home so you can see what the problem may be...
  2. It was his separate property following your divorce so, absent a will stating differently, it should pass to his children.
  3. Bad example because the feds won't get involved with a religious organization.
  4. If this has to do with your appeal, is this your opening brief? For a writ or a motion in the trial court, you just make the request in your brief and include it in the argument. If it's an appeal brief, then you first make a request to the court to augment the record and you can't cite it until the court grants that but they also give you more time to file your brief. I've been told by colleagues that you can request judicial notice in the brief itself and reference that material anyway but I've never done it that way so don't know if it works or not.
  5. There's no law requiring a refund.
  6. Get a lawyer. They got a warrant because the phone calls to you from the jail were legally recorded and incriminating....
  7. There's nothing illegal about your health insurance seeking contribution from your grandson's homeowner's insurance. Your insurance doesn't have to believe your version of events in order to cover you.
  8. She's feeding you a story. The department of corrections doesn't have the power to reduce parole or probation the court's approval. It would be unheard of for probation to be deemed completed before the inmate was ever released from custody....and the court would not agree to terminate probation when there are outstanding fines and other terms the person has yet to meet.
  9. He was the assistant FBI director fired 2 days before he retired.
  10. How she spends the money is none of your business. The child/ren need a home and they need utilities and food, etc. They also need a means of transportation.
  11. You can be criminally charged with parental interference and yes, the cops can come and take the kid from you and send him back to his father while you are in jail....
  12. If you want to argue the issues raised in the prior appeal, you do that while asking the court to take judicial notice of the prior appeal. The docket entries are not the proper way to do it.
  13. You can ask the court to take judicial notice of the other case but you cannot argue or cite that record. The appeal has to be based upon the record in the current case.
  14. Warrants have no expiration date. They remain outstanding until the person is either arrested or voluntarily surrenders to the court.
  15. Evidence has to be admissible which in cases of documentation, generally they have to be subpoenaed to the court. You can't submit random paperwork...and getting bank records from out of the country would be a non-starter.