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  1. leeroy

    SSI & AOS

    Sad for them. That is probably the subject affecting the preponderance of our population.
  2. leeroy

    SSI & AOS

    Findlaw does not have a Topic for SS, SSI, AND SSDI questions. Why not?
  3. leeroy

    SSI & AOS

    This is an indirect attempt to ask a SSI question that FINDLAW does not make available. If a person on SSI lives on a boat as husband and wife with a person who gets SSDI, does the SSDI income count toward household income against the SSI recipient, and does the boat get exempted from assets since it is the residence?
  4. leeroy


    Without other income, will the income affect the food stamp amount?
  5. leeroy


    Father gets disability. He is married, living separate from his wife, and the child lives with the mother. His son gets child benefit. To who's social security number is the child's amount designated? Will SS's 1099 have the income as it is to be reported on a tax return to the father, mother, or child?
  6. leeroy

    sueing a city

    Can an individual sue a city in Magistrates Court (Small Claims Court)?
  7. leeroy

    legal term

    Is there a term in the law for something that is so obvious that it can be accepted as fact?
  8. leeroy


    There are 45 lot owners in this residential HOA. There is a lake adjacent to 10. Covenants were created about 30 years ago. Covenants give all lake privileges and rights exclusively to those 10 adjacent lot owners. The Covenants irresponsibly deeded the Lake to the HOA without specifying lake front owners only. Therefore, all liability, including a dam break, goes to all HOA members. We have no rights to a lake that is deeded to us. The original developers and the original Board were composed of lake side owners, so you can draw your own conclusions. Ownership and liability without benefits. A Quit Claim Deed would be ideal to right the wrong, but that requires 2/3 votes. That is virtually impossible. By the way, we don't want a Covenant change to give all members rights to the lake. Its only asset is the view, and we can't get that. We want out of the liability as several area dams have broken. Is there a law that would release us from ownership without a 2/3 vote to change the Covenants since it was incorrectly deeded at the beginning?
  9. leeroy


    I want to file a complaint about unenforced Covenants that favor certain residents at the expense of others. Eleveen of the 47 homeowners are not required to pay assessments. Is there a department in South Carolina government that handles this? Consumer Affairs? Attorney General? Other?
  10. Respectfully, if I had money for a lawyer I would not be using DSS. It was nice of you to respond. Thanks.
  11. Thank you for responding. I answered your question and await your reply.
  12. The child support determination representative from SC DSS.
  13. The defendants legal address is documented. However, he is hiding and refuses to accept certified mail service. He cannot be required to appear in Court without service. I was told service by publication is not acceptable for child support in South Carolina. Is that true?
  14. HOA was not part of my closing when I bought into the neighborhood. It is not a condo or townhouse neighborhood. All lots and housesare deeded to the owners.I was billed later and subsequent years. I have paid so as not to be criticized by my neighbors. Covenants are disregarded and there is an undesirable environment. Am I allowed to get out of this HOA?
  15. Is a large New Mexico company (50+employees) responsible to (a) pay for addiction treatment, ( continue the employees employment, and © pay the employee while absent during treatment?
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