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  1. Thank you for your reply, but it did not answer my original question. Also, we do not have another 50K to spend, most normal people do not!! As for most people claim to be innocent, I realize this is the case, but in my brother's case I am CERTAIN of it.......there was no physical evidence against him, and to the contrary, most of what the state had pointed to his being innocent. This is a very political crime, and passions run high. It was the defendant's word against his, that is what it boils down to. Basically he had ineffective assistance of council.....every attorney and the appelate court has looked at the transcript and said there was error. His case even made the Supreme Court and it split 3/2.....which is also pretty rare. Just because MOST people say they are innocent DOES NOT mean there are not those out there that really are innocent......so try not to be so cynical!!!
  2. I was involved in an accident on Nov. 14th, in which a guy hit me while I was doing a proper left hand turn, in which he inproperly passed a line of cars. Highway patrol investigated, and cited him in the accident. I was hurt: had whiplash, and have been medically treated since with neck and back pain. My car was totalled. This guy told his insurance company he DID NOT HIT ME!! (What a joke....witnesses!!) and they refused to pay. Now my insurance company is jerking me around (has been for ten weeks now). What do I do, short of hiring an attorney?? Kindly advise.
  3. My brother was convicted seven years ago on nine different charges, and he is innocent. He is going for his Post conviction relief hearing, and because of his lawyer's unprofessionalism, he is going Pro se........one issue that was brought up that had merit was that in his trial, his attorney only asked for a directed verdict on ONE charge, and not the rest. Our attorney felt that this prejudiced my brother, but never explained. Did that prejudice my brother's case?? If so, how?? I need the answer to this before his PCR hearing in a month, as he is in prison and can't get case law or any legal answers. We have wasted 50K on two attorneys who got their money and that was all they cared about. He deserves a break. Can anyone out there help us?? He was wrongfully convicted of a crime he DID not commit, where the only evidence was a swearing match (CSC), and we have found that the attorney that we hired (and trusted) threw him to the wolves!! Kindly advise.
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