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  1. My daughter was killed in a car accident in June. She was 27 and left a son who is now 10. My husband and I are in our 60s and will now be raising our grandson. (Dad's a deadbeat.) We are going to be getting a settlement of less than $300,000. Our attorney wants to distibute in the following manner: 2/3 to our grandson, to be put in a court-supervised account. The money will be his when he's 18. 1/3 to us. We feel quite frustrated by this because: 1. It's expensive to raise a child. We've done it twice and thought we were finished. We planned our retirement and are on fixed incomes. We feel we could use more than 1/3 to help us raise him. 2. He will be immature at age 18, especially since he has ADHD. We have seen this scenario before. Our daughter got an insurance settlement when she was 21, and it really did her no good! Our attorney says his hands are tied by the courts. Does this distribution seem right? i'd really like some other opinions. We are in Arizona by the way. Gamma
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