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  1. Thanks for your answers. I have not files for tax year 2016 yet. I was supposed to in Oct last year but didn't. I plan on filing and extension again for tax year 2017.
  2. I filed for an extension in April 2017 for tax year 2016. There's been a lot of chaos and moving lately and I cannot find any trace of that extension filing (and no, i haven't filed in October. As mentioned earlier, it's been alot going on). The IRS website won't let me check for the status and how much I owe for 2016. I know interest and penalties have been piling up. My question: do I have to take care of tax year 2016 before filing for 2017? Thank you for your advice.
  3. My fiancee had a horrible credit and needed a new car. I had excellent credit, but even with me as a co-signer, her monthly payment would still be very high. So the dealership suggested to put me as the primary borrower in a joint account. Interest rate was excellent. She promised me that she would be making all payments. This was 6 months ago. I knew this wasn't a wise decision. It was out of love and she was pregnant. Her is my question: what is a good way of shifting ownership of the car loan, or even getting out of it? I am just imagining different scenarios (if we break up, she can decide to stop payments just to hurt my credit (hers being already low, won't hurt her much). In addition, this loan affect my debt-to-income ratio negatively. Thanks for your replies.
  4. Hi, My parents came with a visitor visa in September 2014. Their visa will expire in March 2015. I had not seen them in nearly 9 years. I am considering applying for a green card for them. Should they go back to their home country before I start that process, or can I request an adjustment of status while they are here, without jeopardizing anything? I am a US citizen.
  5. I got two tickets within 14 days, in two different counties (Tarrant County and Johnson County). First ticket was for speeding 57 in the 45 and I requested a deferred disposition which was granted. Then I got the second ticket as I was rushing to an urgent, life threatening surgery of a relative in Houston TX. Will that second ticket void the probation that was established for the first offense, even though they happened in two different jurisdictions? And if I was to request a probation for the second offense as well, would the first offense show if the judge pulled my record? Thank you for your responses.
  6. I am filing an Affidavit of Support for my parents to come visit us (they are foreign nationals, an am a US citizen) and section # 7 of the form asks if I own an estate and pay mortgage. My wife and I have been married 8 years and have been paying the mortgage equally (50/50). However the house is in her name only. We live in Texas, and the house was "purchased" by my wife right before we got married. Should I put in the Affidavit of Support that I am a home owner? Does sharing the mortgage make me a co-owner of the property? Thanks for you answers.
  7. I had a surgery as a result of a work injury. Any time I spent at the care provider was usually covered and paid by workers compensation. However, a couple of days before the surgery, the care provider scheduled a pre-op visit (to have everything set up for the day of the surgery, including registration/admission to the surgical facility, etc) that took almost half of the day. The employer was notified of that appointment at least 2 weeks in advance. My HR says that pre-op time is not paid by workers compensation, and wants me to use personal/sick/vacation hours instead. Is that the way it should be, given that this visit was work injury-related? I leave in Texas. Thank you for any input.
  8. Hello, I am looking into buying a used car from the owner, and that car will be sent to a relative overseas. I live in TX and here are my questions: 1- Is it possible to buy a car and have someone else's name on the title? if yes, is there a particular procedure? 2- if not, what should be done to have the title transfer to my relative, given that he is living abroad. 3- Is vehicle registration necessary, at least for the time being before it ships abroad? 4- what document should I expect the seller to give me as proof of the transaction? Thank you for your help.
  9. Your answer is instructive. I need to mention that, this is a used car that he wants to get and the total cost should be under $ 3k Thanks again.
  10. A relative abroad want me to buy a car on his behalf, here in the US. He plans to wire the money to my account so I can take care of the vehicle purchase and shipping. My question is: will I owe any sort of tax on the money that will be wired? Would i owe tax on a possible unspent amount from that transfer? Thank you for your answers.
  11. Pg1067, thank you for that suggestion. I believe too, that it is worth trying. But to do so, what type of plea do I have to submit upfront? Would it be "Guilty", "Not Guilty" or "No Contest"?
  12. I was stopped and given a ticket for sprrding on a service road. Speed limit is 40. The cop said I was driving 65. I did not question if that was correct or not. I do know that I was over 40, but not 65. This happened in Arlinton, TX. Here are my questions: 1 - do cops always have proof of the speed they cite you for? In my case I think he just made it up. I don't think he clocked me with a radar gun. He jus met me at an intersection. 2 - I wanted to take a defensive driving but apparently it is impossible if the speed was 25 and up the posted limit. Can I contest the speed in Court to allow me to take that course, or can I take the course regardless and have the ticket off my records? Thank you for your advices.
  13. One spouse bought the house right before marriage. After marriage, the house got refinanced and the other spouse co-signed refinancing loan documents (name of both spouses appear on a paper that reads "Deed Of Trust". Both are paying the monthly mortgage (50/50 each) but one spouse is giving the cash to the other, who is then paying the lender through personal bank account. It has been this way for 5 years and now, the other spouse is wondering if there is any right or claim on that house. Do both names on the "Deed of Trust" mean that the property ownership is equally shared? The couple leaves in TX. Thanks.
  14. My wife's passport book still has her name from her prior marriage. It was issued in 2004 and expires in 2014. We've been married in 2006 her legal last name is mine. Is that passport book considered a valid document, or is it mandatory to get one with a name change? Thanks for your help.
  15. I received a citation for expired inspection sticker (Grand Prairie TX). Court date is set for Jan 17. On Jan 11, I went to the Municipal Court to get to guidance and a clerk told me that all I have to do is pass the inspection and show it to her, there will only be a dismissal fee. I passed the inspection on Thursday but by the time I got to the Court, it had closed and would open again only on Jan 17, which is my Court Date. My question is: would the dismissal still apply when I show proof of passed inspection on my court date, or does "court date" implies that the case has been moved to a level that would require paying the fine?The clerk sounded like if resolved before the court date, the case could be simply wiped off. Thanks for your opinion, suggestions and advice.
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