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  1. On Nov. 4 I was the passenger in a single car accident, the driver lost control of his mercedes and hit the concrete barrier on the freeway off ramp. The airbags deployed and we were taken to the hospital via ambulance where they rushed us to the waiting room. After waiting 2 hours I realized that no one had checked me in. So I checked myself in. then after another 3 hours I was admitted. In The Emergency Room, I had nausea and started bleeding,(pregnant) they gave me 3 xrays w/no protection over my abdomen and said your ok take some vicoden and lay down. Less than one week later I hemorraged and went to another er, where they confirmed a miscarriage. Had to do a D/C. So here is my question, the car accident Ihave covered, it sprained my back in 5 places, miscarriage and I lost my job. But Do I have a case against the ER, they did no care for my bleeding and being pregnant, sent a pregnant woman home with vicoden, performed xrays with no lead coverage over the abdomen to guard against the radiation to the fetus. They did not do any MRI's to see if I had a concussion, I was throwing up in the waiting room they didn't even check. What do you think? I am very angry at this hospital, I tried to file a BBB complaint against them but the BBB said they don't handle criminally negl. cases?
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