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  1. Legally have joint physical and financial responsibility of our 17 year old boys,.....but ....Bec my ex refuses to pay for anything I (mom) have had to step up and work a 60 hour a week job to make ends meet. I pay for everything and give my ex receipts but sometimes I may get some money but usually I get nothing or he decides he just doesn't feel like paying for anything, so I am stuck stepping up. My ex was awarded disability and I believe he is receiving several years of back pay. He told me the Social Security Admin is awarding the children a dependent portion of his disability and he is writing me a check 1x a month and he doesnt care what I spend it on....oh, and by the way I'm supposed to claim it on my taxes....Wait!...What!!!??......Aren't I supposed to get some paperwork on this????? He refuses to give me any legal paperwork..!!!....This is all about the kids here.....I don't want a darn dime for me....I want to make sure OUR children get what they are entitled to!! Dead beat dad won't pay for a dentist appointment or new shoes. Shouldn't there be something I can do to make sure he doing his part legally and the children are receiving what they are supposed to...I've been wanting to file for legal child support for years, but just didn't want to drag the kids thru anything painful....Any advice is appreciated..
  2. I have made an attempt to contact the neighbor,but havent been able to get ahold of them. They aren't the nicest neighbors to have. First time I met them about 1 year ago, they were litterally telling me where I "can't" build my home on my own property (because it would block the view from the SIDE of their house....At the same time, she pitched a fit because we're planning to have horses (which are as legal as having a dog or a cat in my subd.)....My response to her was, didnt you see the other lots with horses & read the Subd restrictions before buying?? (she's allergic to horses).....I'm just assuming this may not be the easiest fix. Thanks for your help!
  3. Hi, I reside in MO....My neighbor has had 2 dump trucks of 1" & minus rock dumped on his property approx 5' off the street and 15' from our adjoining propertly line right at the natural water drainage ditch area. We both have 7 1/2 acres each of MO River Bluff Top View property & each with approx 300' frontage. We've recently had rain & approx a full dump truck of the 1" minus rock has washed down & filled in MY natural water drainage area for approx 250' and as wide as 6' (and 2' deep) in spots & has almost completely covered up a culvert on his property that drains water from across the street. Absolutely NO hay bales, shoring, drainage barrier or silt screening was used. Our Subdivision natural water drainage ditchs are lined in a half moon fashion with larger natural rock and now My natural ditch is filled in with this white/gray man made type of rock that will turn to concrete & also is flowing down hill into my woods. I have NO issues with water drainage because that's what this ditch is for, but I am livid with the carelessness of the neighbor, contractor, dump truck driver or whoever is responsible for this. I called the Building Comissioner to see if any Contractor pulled permits so that I had the name of a Contractor to call, but no permits were pulled. Trustees don't really think they can do anything. What kind of recourse do I have?? I want this "rock concrete" removed from my property & it put back to the original natural state. This is an extremely expensive piece of property & now I feel its value is also diminished. I'm absolutely sick over this. What options do I have?? Thank you for your response!!
  4. Thank you for your time in responding to my question.........you were of much help.
  5. MISSOURI Very basically, I have a lawsuit filed against me (land dispute) and the Plantiff has filed because of "sour grapes." They have no legal documents, nothing proving their case. I (the Defendant) have documents, deeds, witnesses, etc. I have tried to "settle" meeting them half way. They will not even respond to mediation or any type of settlement I offered to keep peace and legal costs lower. They cannot prove their case in any way. Basically their lawyer is forging ahead trying to do a "trial by ambush." They are maliciously running up my lawyer bills by: their lawyer not responding to my lawyers attempts to phone conversations or keeping set "appointments" for phone conversations. It cost me many hundreds of $$$ bec of NO communication on their part. I mean none. When do interrogatories they don't respond. So I had to pay my lawyer to file for "Motion to Compel." When finally after months of waiting, their answers include "will submit" or "I don't know" or "same as others." ( I'm being sued for $100,000 for "Loss of Enjoyment" ) Ok, my question......I understand I think its all frivolous, but it has to go to court because I am being sued.......But is there any recourse on my part if it does come back as unsubstantiated. Can I recoup any of my legal fees, stress, duress, pain, suffering, slandering my name.....Any recourse on their lawyer????????????? Can I file seperate Civil Cases against them????? Or am I just "S" outta luck????? Its a shame that if you really want to RUIN someone, just file a lawsuit with no real basis or evidence, run up their bill and leave them in financial ruin for the rest of their life. Where is the justice in that.........Doesn't the person being sued have anywhere to turn........... Many thanks for any/all input!!!!!!!!!!!!
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