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  1. I live in Illinois. I was recently involved in an auto accident where I was stopped at a red light and was rear ended by another driver. The roads were extremely icy that day and the other driver indicated on the site that he had just slid into me. The officer investigated the scene and we each received our reports to complete and return to the state within 10 days. Both of us refused medical treatment at that time. I did however seek treatment later that afternoon due to the increasing stiffness I was experiencing in my neck. I have since been referred to a specialist to treat the whiplash, inflamation of the C7, and reversal of the cervical lordosis caused by muscles spasms. The specialist has referred me to seek chiropractic treatment to assist with the recovery process. The prognosis is good as long as I respond well to aforementioned treatment. I have been in contact with the other driver's insurance company and the adjuster verbally stated they would pay for the damage to my car (which as far as I know is only superficial) as well as my initial medical bills however they indicated they will only pay for treatments and for any pain associated with the injury that they deam warranted. At no time has the insurance company asked me for my statement of what happened. I have no idea what the other driver has said as to what happened. How do they make this determination of what is truly warranted when all they have to go by are my medical records, the doctors diagnosis and recommendations, and their insured's account to what happened? Aren't they supposed to ask me what happened too?
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