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    my son had four cases of bottled beer fall on him when they were training a girl how to use a forklift in a large wholesale store. It was right were they were handing out free cookies to tasted. He suffered a hairline fracture of his T1 vertabrae. It has healed I guess after months of treatment.At least the fracture has healed. He is only 10 years old and suffers neck pain whenever he reads or plays handheld games for more than 20 minutes. They only want to give him three thousand dollars because there is no fracture anymore.. I am afraid his pain will contimue and he could get arthritis in his neck later on in life. They say that does not matter, because we don't know if he will or not and there is no proof he is still in pain. Can they get away with that, my son would not have to worry about pain later in life if they had not been so severely negligent. I have a lawyer but how do you fight the big guys. I am so angry that my son already has to hold a book up to eye level to not feel pain. I have to do that but Iam 50, and my arthritis in my neck is from a fall I took as a little girl.
  2. I had a facelift called the Lifestyle Lift In 2004. I also has my eyes done. I still had the same amount of sagging skin, I still had fat under my chin that they were suppose to take out and they left my eyes looking puffy and worse than they were before they were done... I have terrible large scars around my ears and my before and after pictures look no different for the facelift part.I kept complaining and they told me it would take a year for all the swelling to go down. They said I looked great in their eyes but they couldn't even listen to me until the year was up. After that their lawyers put me off for eight months, They said they were reviewing my complaints for months then they moved and my folders were in the old building, then lost, then found then they mailed me a letter that I did not have a valid complaint, by then it was too late to sue them. They are still advertising on Tv all the time and I have been told by several doctores that they cannot get the results they claim they can around the jowel area with the cuts they make just around the ear. I cannot get them for making me lool worse( people actually think I am my sons grandmother) but can I still sue them for false advertising since I only just found out the claims they made to me were false. I know in medical malpractice the two years statute of limitations starts on the date you discover you were wronged?
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