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  1. As in me yes.Of course iI have no vilable claim towards them if it isn't me.The people who or on the site who else? They aren't understand how to care for a site like I stated. This website is owned I guess under goverments eyes.Thank you very much. Using some one else idenity I am pretty sure is a viable claim please xcuse if I did not make clear. Yes,partly in mine but if I told you this website maybe you should get an account on it.Let me remind or tell all who reply THIS IS A PG-13 site.They have been told by the runner and Iam pretty sure the website policy that they must keep foul language off and anything in that range. If you need me to elebaortate I would be just about happy.But I understand if I have no small claims case AT ALL
  2. How exactly do I file a complaint? Like when you are suing someone. Any step by step directions? Also can I stay on a cheap budget when suing?
  3. Tax_Counsel, It is kind of like a Forum Site/Gaming Site.I want to sue because they are making False Aligations towards peopel and actually they are banning just because thye aren't really even understanding.The Administratorsare using false identitys to run the site one of the Administrators who was fired comfirmed on a blog that some of the people using the site found out who she really was.Also they are in-proper care of the website meaning a lot of inapporpriate stuff is said and posted.It is not a private site at all it is owned by a all around company.This was posted in the Bugs Forum that 2 people maybe more had a message pop up that the site had been reported for theft and something else.You do not have to pay any fees on the site to join but in order to really participate you must pay for certain things.They accuse and you can ask some what of most participants that they ban really for reasons that aren't true.They always send out miss-sent out infractions.I have gotten one.I was banned for trolling or trying to start fights which clearly isn't true.If they looked through my post clearly nothing matched.The Forum Rules state only a couple of things that don't match what you are banned for.I was banned for example trolling I cliekd to find Forum Rulz found it and it said nothing of such what I was banned for.They also are using people who are under-age to monitor the site.1 of the moderators is 15 I believe the rest are able but still.
  4. I want to sue and online company for False Aligations,Unnessacry Banning,False Identity,and Un-Proper Care of website.Is it possible I can sue for that.How do I file a complaint?
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