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  1. Ok. Thank you. That's what I will do. I will let you know how that goes.
  2. In December of 2014 my girlfriend was driving my car and was in an accident. She was found at fault. My girlfriend and myself were both insured. My girlfriend died of cancer in 2015. The other driver filed a lawsuit against my girlfriend and myself in Sept. 2016 claiming injuries. Today 01/11/2017 I received a form interrogatories and a request for admissions dated Nov. 18 2016 with a request for response within 30 days. This doesn't make sense. There is also a letter dated 01/09/2017 stating that the plaintiff has served these documents with a request for me to answer on or before 12/07/2016. Again it doesn't make sense. What do I do?
  3. missyo

    failure to appear

    My friend is out on bail and missed her court date a bench warrant was issued. What does she do now? will she go to jail when she goes to court?
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