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  1. Did your mother have her own insurance? If I recall correctly, many years ago when we lived in CA, a law was passed to the effect that if one party to an accident was uninsured, that party would be unable to recover anything except actual medical expenses from the insured party, even if the uninsured party was not at fault. If your mother didn't have her own insurance, this may be what the other party's insurance company is talking about when they say they won't pay anything except medical because of CA law.
  2. That said, there *are* attorneys' offices that do collections, so verify your information before you report it, because they may actually be calling from an actual attorney's office just as they are saying. I used to work for one of them years ago and an initial phone call to the debtor was required per our contract with the original creditor. Because we were actually an attorney's office, it was perfectly legal for us to say so and to send out correspondence on our law firm letterhead. My suggestion would be to google the name of the law firm they claim to be, and/or do a reverse phone lookup at whitepages.com. I can't speak for all firms that work with collections, but I can say that ours was allowed to work with the debtors if they were willing to make payments, so we could save them the hassle of a lawsuit if they actually spoke to and worked with us.
  3. I am pretty sure that I am an independent contractor. I set my own hours and use my own judgment to perform the work that I'm doing for them. I'm free to take other jobs if and when the opportunity comes along. And thanks for the tip!
  4. For the past several months I have been working for a local company as an independent contractor. I receive my entire hourly pay weekly by check. I built an Excel spreadsheet to track hours, weekly pay, the 15.3% for self-employment taxes, 19.7% for federal income taxes, and the balance that I can actually spend. I have started a new account at a local credit union specifically for deposit of the monies that will be owed to the IRS, so they are not intermingled with my net income from the work. Also, is 19.7% enough to be withholding for income taxes? My husband and I make a modest income and with this work will be close to if not slightly over 6 figures for the first time in our lives next year. I want to withhold enough from my pay to ensure that we don't end up owing come tax time in 2014. I have been digging through the IRS website and I'm pretty sure I've found the proper form for submitting the 15.3% self-employment taxes, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to submit the actual federal income taxes. This is the first time I've ever done any independent contracting work, and I want to make sure I submit what I'm supposed to so I don't end up in trouble with the IRS come next year. Can someone please advise me as to how I should submit the federal income taxes so they show up as federal income tax paid and not excess social security taxes? The first submission is coming due in less than a month and I really want to do this right. Many thanks in advance for your assistance.
  5. I agree - the apartments where we lived in WI charged less for second floor apartments than for first floor apartments, because of the inconvenience of having to use the stairs (no elevators) and the smaller size of the apartment due to the space lost to the stairs to access it.
  6. I'm not certain that they can garnish absent a judgment indicating they are entitled to collect. The time for raising the statute of limitations defense is during the lawsuit itself. Did you receive papers indicating that you were being sued for the debt?
  7. KrysKrat

    My HOA

    The only thing I can think of is possibly to see how close the patio you are planning comes to the property lines so they can make sure it meets any set-back requirements. The property lines would be pertinent in that situation.
  8. If it's government housing, I would hazard a guess that it's not the property manager unilaterally pulling rules out of her butt so much as Housing Authority rules which must be followed. I found a document online thru the King's County Housing Authority site that indicates that a landlord is responsible for enforcing tenant obligations, especially those involving illegal drug use, and further indicates that the tenant *cannot* participate in illegal drug or criminal activity. So it sounds to me like the property manager is only enforcing the rules for the public housing that you occupy.
  9. This. And did it say that you would be receiving any money directly? Is there anything in the agreement detailing how the settlement is to be paid out? Sometimes there are companies who have paid out funds on your behalf (for example, your personal medical insurance) that must be repaid out of the settlement proceeds, and then any remainder would be yours.
  10. Have you checked to see if you're eligible for FMLA? Not all discrimination is illegal. From the way that you write your post, it sounds as if you have a different job description from the man who had the knee surgery. It's entirely possible that they did have light duty work available within his job description (the GSI update, whatever that is) but not in yours. There is a huge difference between someone with a knee injury sitting behind a desk doing light duty work, and someone who is trying to keep driving ("I have a waiver my Dr can fill out that can let me drive") when there's a possibility they could have a seizure behind the wheel and cause an accident, potentially injuring not only themselves but others and leading to what could be massive liability not only for themselves personally but for the city as well. The city has the right to err on the side of safety for itself and others who could be harmed if you happened to seize while you're driving down the road. If you really think you have a case, your best course of action may be to find an attorney in your area who offers free consultations, and see what they say.
  11. Actually I just did a Google search on this and it turns out that in 2006 the legislature passed a bill that requires the WPS to collect a fee equal to 3% or $3.15 to be applied to a fund to help support low income or whatever. So basically, yes, the socialistic government in Madison has declared that you and I are FORCED to contribute to this charity whether we want to or not. Not only do my husband and I have to work our asses off to pay or own bills, we are forced to help pay for some total flipping slacking strangers' bills too. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America, where we tell you how you HAVE to spend your own hard-earned dollars.
  12. The OP says that it's an offer that was *received* by her attorney, not one that was *made* by her attorney. There is a difference. I agree that you should ask your attorney why he or she feels you should accept the offer; we have no way of knowing the reasoning behind his or her advice.
  13. http://www.dayontorts.com/premises-liability-ice-snow-and-premises-liability-in-tennessee.html
  14. I had to go back to read your first post to understand what you were talking about in this one. It's usually a better idea to post follow-ups in the original thread, so that those reading can understand what's going on. Many people wait until just before a statue of limitations is about to expire to file a suit for personal injury, so that they can obtain the necessary treatment and have a better idea as to the extent of the injury or injuries. And even if your insurance was paying his medical bills during that time (some people choose to use their personal medical insurance which is then reimbursed if there is a later settlement), it's doubtful that they had any obligation to call you to tell you about it. In many places, copies of the police report aren't automatically sent to the parties involved. You may have to request a copy and pay a fee. Nor do the police always automatically file charges in accident matters. That does not mean that the injured party cannot later use for injuries and damages. I can't imagine that there would be any law about someone having their arm out of the window; if a person's turn signals aren't working for whatever reason, they have to be able to put their arm out the window to use hand signals. Fault and degree thereof was likely indicated on the police report and/or hashed out by the insurance companies, but it would be very unusual for an insurance company to pay damages to a non-client for an accident where fault was not attributed to their client. Your best bet is to contact them and/or your insurance company and hash this all out with them.
  15. It sounds to me like you may be talking about your soon-to-be-ex husband's military retirement? This article explains how military retired pay may be divided, depending on whether the ex-spouse is even entitled to any at all: http://divorcesupport.about.com/od/militarydivorce/f/militaryretirem.htm
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