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  1. The California Vehicle Code, Division 17, Chapter 3, Article 1, Sections 40801, 40802; covers the issue of "speed traps."
  2. Simply call Children's Services. No matter the situation, the child is the important one. If he is not being abused your ex will realize what the score is. If he is abusing him then your son might have a chance at a better life. It's your call. Show them all the records and tell them this story. Don't be vindictive. Let them know you will cooperate in every way.
  3. Talk to your dad. You've not indicated that HE wants you, only that you want to live with him. If he is willing to man up talk to Children's Services. Explain all this to them. It is hard to believe that the court didn't talk to you--our state looks to the child's maturity or age 14 at least.
  4. A constitutional right? The facts are not supported for what you propose. The children have no specific right (look how quickly courts can remove them under issues of neglect. ) Present an open and honest request for a modification based on your current situation. Advocate for the children's interest in seeing both parents. Agree to let it follow a temporary path reviewable when you return to work.
  5. Though your info is somewhat rambling, I missed any mention of your State of residence. The debt issues outside the real property don't seem relevant since you seem interested in the "matrimonial" property. Depending on whether yours is a community property state or not.
  6. In your post you never allude to the boss actually saying "you're fired". If he said get out I would be inclined to interpret this as "leave my office now" or" get out of my face." The fact that you state the boss called to see if you were coming in to work would support the presumption.
  7. No. If one itemizes the other must itemize also. IRC ©(6)(A)
  8. You fail to mention a state, but regardless, if the facts are as you report, it would seem to be unlikely. The child's dad and you must assess your situation to determine if anything might come up that would negate continued custody. Speak with an attorney or call legal aid.
  9. Are you a U.S. citizen? Were you married? What is on her birth certificate (is he named as father). Has she ever lived in the U.S.?
  10. Because you disagree with a diagnosis doesn't mean you can avoid paying. A credit dispute and malpractice are two separate issues. See an attorney and lay your facts out to him or her.
  11. Speaking in generalities what does the HOA by-laws say? How many tenants are involved? They should write HOA and complain about the intrusion into their private lives.
  12. If you can't deal with an attorney at this time, I suggest you check "The New York State Consolidated Laws". The domestic section, Article 13, Sections 240C; 244B, C, and D. You can review these on FindLaw. He should be able to get some relief but the court will not let him abuse it.
  13. Are you full-time? If you are not scheduled to work that day like the others, why should you have Monday off? The technical semantics appear to be the issue. Sunday is the holiday. It appears that your employer does not pay premium time for working holidays so those employees receive a day off. If you work on a holiday and everyone else receives a day off for working but you do not, you might have a claim. It really depends on the employee handbook, employment contracts, and state law.
  14. If it was a company vehicle and you were authorized to operate it, the company should be liable. Why didn't the company or rental company have insurance? Did you drive the vehicle without authorization of your company? Regardless of insurance, who was at fault?
  15. It is very doubtful that double jeopardy attached. The matter was dismissed on technical errors. And just what "other defense"? You say citizens arrest. Who was the citizen and just what violation were you accused of?
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