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  1. Thank you adjusterjack.. I hate spelling things wrong, so thank you. 🙂 I'm going to have a look at that calculator right now. Much appreciated.
  2. Thank you pg1067. I called Quicken and both my deed and loan have a "waiver of escrow" written, so that issue is resolved. They cannot force and escrow account on me. The question about them correctly applying the principle/interest from payment was because they were not acting in accordance with the loan agreement according to some consumer complaints. Here's the link to Consumer Finance agency. Hopefully, I will never need them. https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/ Thanks so much! Bonnie
  3. Hi, I received a letter today stating that Quicken sold my loan to LoanCare LLC. My LTV is over 80%. With the exception of the initial home purchase back in 2001, I have never used an escrow account, and have always paid my homeowners insurance and property taxes separately and in a timely manner. The initial down payment when I purchased the home in 2001 was over 20%, so I never paid PMI. I have excellent credit. My question is two-fold. 1. Can they force me to use an escrow account and if so, do I have any recourse? This is a huge problem for me because I prefer to work directly with my homeowner's insurance (which is valued correctly) and LA County for property taxes. This way I can guarantee timely payment by not relying on a third party. 2. I always used auto-pay with Quicken, but with the things that I read about this company, I'm tempted to go back to writing checks, much to my chagrin. Would I need to specify on each check the exact amount for principle and interest so they don't fail to apply the correct amount to each bucket, or is that pointless? 3. If things go sideways with this new company, is there any other agency besides Consumer Finance where I can file a complaint? While I realize that not everyone will have a problem, many of the problems I'm reading involve people who claim to make timely payments, and yet amounts were incorrectly applied, which marked their principle as late, and impacted their credit score. Another issue is that folks were forced to use escrow accounts despite not ever needing them in the past. Those are the types of things that I'm concerned with. I'm not set up in their system yet, otherwise I'd call to get as much information as possible. Refinancing just to get away from them may be an option, despite cost, but there's no guarantee that the loan won't be sold back to them at a later date. So, I'd like to be prepared with as much information as possible. Thanks in advance, Bonnie
  4. Thanks so much, ElleMD. His work already knows about the upcoming surgery. He's been up front about everything. I'll send this valuable information to him right away. Very much appreciated. 🙂
  5. Thank you adjusterjack. I will let him know.
  6. Hi, My cousin Bob has epilepsy and the doctor suggested implanting a device which can monitor brain activity and hopefully reduce severity and frequency of seizures, as well as ultimately reduce his medication. The procedure is scheduled at the end of this month and he had his final appointment with the doctor performing the procedure as well as the anesthesiologist on Friday, and all went well. He was told that after the procedure he will need to be off work for one month and no lifting above his head for a time afterwards, exact time TBT. The doctor told him to fill out the disability paperwork. Here's the issue. About 12 days ago, he was injured on his job, fractured a few bones in foot. Company took full responsibility and sent him to their doctor immediately and he is off work until his recheck appointment in early September, when the doctor will examine and give him a return to work date. His company told him to fill out disability paperwork. There already is a worker's comp claim open for the accident. Our question is this: Does he fill out 2 separate disability forms, one for each incident or is there another way to handle this? Thanks in advance, Bonnie
  7. HR saw a bottle of anti-bacterial soap on the sink and posted a sign not to wash anything other than their hands. I haven't worked in an office for over 10 years, so I no longer know about such things. Back in the day, when I finished my lunch, I always went into the bathroom to rinse off my container, but that was a huge corporation in a very large office building and city sewage, not septic. Thanks, Bonnie
  8. Hi, I've tried googling for OSHA and Sanitation rules on this but I'm striking out. Does anyone know if there are any rules in California regarding rinsing off your lunch dish/container in an employee bathroom sink? Obviously, I'm not talking about trying to jam solid food down the sink drain which could easily cause a plumbing backup. I'm referring to rinsing it off enough to take it home to wash thoroughly. Also, the location of the bathroom is a trailer where the plumbing is connected to a septic tank. I mention it in case it matters. Thanks in advance for your time. Regards, Bonnie
  9. I never thought of that. thanks so much! Heading over to Amazon right now. Thank you!
  10. Thanks again. I'm reviewing the link now. It's a sticky situation. I live in Granada Hills, and the leak's up Zelzah which borders on Granada Hills and Porter Ranch. I'm out of work now and while I have some savings (Thank God) it's not easy for me to relocate. I have a 2,000ft house, a dog and cat, and many places don't take pets. I also know that despite the alarm system, there have been quite a few burglaries and opportunists are watching these neighborhoods closely looking for the perfect time to break in, so I hate even being gone for too long during the day. And I've read many mixed things about how Sempra Energy is handling relocation, agreeing to pay for some and not others. Some people are getting nose bleeds, anemia, vomiting, being hospitalized due to respiratory issues, and I don't have the worst of the symptoms. And I'm also a gym rat, work out 5x/week + miles of dog walks daily. I talked to my chiropractor on Thursday and she said while the dangers of the gas is real, the people who are truly the healthiest (and she feels that overall I fall into that category despite having a crappy back), may not get sick while others who smoke and are generally less healthy might. A meter was installed in the Van Gogh Elementary school to capture gasses for a week and it's right around the corner from my house, so it will be telling to see if the gas actually travelled this far. The winds are another factor. Some of the gusts by me are routinely 30-40mph, so having sinus issues is not that uncommon for me. Also the direction of the wind is a huge factor. Do we get the north westerly winds driving the stench of the Sunshine Canyon Landfill or the easterly sending the methane/mercaptan this way? And people wonder why I want to move out of state.. lol! I ordered an air purifier from the gas company and am keeping the pup inside as much as possible. Thanks again for taking my concern seriously. I do realize that there are a lot of people looking to make a quick buck. I'm not one of them, and you're right. My long term health is a lot more important. I'm going to start looking out of state for a place to retire. This is ridiculous.
  11. All excellent points. This is all from the Porter Ranch Gas Leak, which many people are starting to become aware of. So Cal Gas made a huge error in judgment because they had the chance to plug the leak and avoid the well blowout altogether but made a grave error in their meager attempt to patch it, which failed. Ambulance chasers are roaches crawling all over the area. It's as sickening as the smell when I drive by Aliso Canyon where the blowout occurred. Many people have been relocated, schools closed, pets became ill and died. I live 2 miles away and my neighbors have been falling ill out of the blue and I myself does not feel well. I will make a doctor appointment at the very least. Thanks so much for your input. I truly appreciate it.
  12. Thank you very much. I will watch the movie and take to heart everything you said. I frown on frivolous lawsuits and am not looking for problems. However, ever since this gas leak started in my community, I've had headaches and upper respiratory symptoms that are out of the ordinary and so have my neighbors. Is it coincidence? I don't know, but it's probably a good time to schedule a doctor's visit. The problem is that I don't know if a blood panel will detect anything and I don't have all of the symptoms that others in the community have, at least not yet. My dog who is just over a year old has been violently ill a couple of times (which is not normal), and neighbors pets have gotten seriously ill and died because of exposure. Again, is it coincidence, is it because he picked up something in the yard that he shouldn't have or is it directly related? I don't want to lose him. He's still a puppy! There's a way to test for butyl mercaptan in the body, but it needs to be done by a specialized laboratory and it doesn't tell you how much is present. The other issue is that because of the leak, property values have decreased. Lawyers are crawling like roaches over residents of our community and I'm starting to think that since I don't live in the immediate evacuation area, unless I end up really sick and hospitalized, it may not be worth pursuing. Thanks so much!
  13. Thanks so much for both responses. The claim is based on circumstantial evidence due of an environmental problem that impacts many people where I live. I am experiencing symptoms that are not normal for me and they could be attributable to the issue. The disbursement method is their choice and at this point, I am not comfortable with it. It's highly suspect and given that after one conversation with me, they have emailed me every day to remind me to sign the forms, I am growing more uncomfortable with them and will look for another firm to represent me. I appreciate both of your responses and insight. I'm still concerned that costs/expenses could exceed any settlement, and I don't even know if they take their retainer before or after these expenses are deducted, but since I'm not going to use them, it doesn't matter. The prepaid bank card is enough to scare me off.. Thanks so much!
  14. Hi, I have a couple questions about contingency cases. I've been in contact with a law firm regarding a possible lawsuit and they sent documents for me to sign. The agreement they need me to sign says that if the firm wins, they will take a certain percentage of money received and if they lose there is no cost to me. However, there's a separate section in the agreement regarding costs/expenses outside of the attorney fee percentage that I would be responsible for. My choice is to pay up front or pay at the end. I'm not in a position to pay the attorney anything and all costs/expenses would need to come from money received when the case is finished if they win. While it doesn't seem realistic for them to pursue a case where the expenses are higher than a judgement, mathematically, it's possible, in which case I would be out money, which I can't risk. I asked a representative of the firm about this and he said that the attorney won't pursue a case if the expenses exceed what a win could pay out and would withdraw. I asked them for something in writing guaranteeing that I will have no out of pocket costs that won't come from a judgement or settlement and he said no. The other thing is that any money from a win would be paid via a prepaid card and possibly 1 check from the card's bank so I could deposit it without fees. I haven't been involved in any lawsuits previously, so this is all foreign to me. I'd appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance, Bonnie
  15. Thanks for everyone's input. If the person who interviews me considers a 2 hour one way commute along with a $35,000 pay cut (not including thousands of dollars in additional expenses related to the commute) acceptable, then this could play out badly for me. Hopefully, the interviewer will be reasonable and follow the rules set forth in SW 500, but if not, I will appeal.
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