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    401K Loan Dispute

    Under the federal tax law, the employer may require in the plan documents that outstanding loans be repaid when the employee leaves the company or the plan is terminated. So whether you must repay the loan now depends on what the plan documents and your loan documents say. The plan trustee must follow the rules provided for in the plan. So read the plan and see what it says. If it does require that you repay it when you leave then the trustee must apply that rule and you are stuck with that. However, in the event that you cannot repay it, you can avoid the immediate tax consequences by rolling over the outstanding balance into an IRA or other eligible plan by the due date to file your return for the year, including extensions. So if you get an extension until October 2020 you would have that long to roll it over and avoid the income inclusion and early withdrawal tax. See the IRS page on Retirement Loan Topics. If you need to get some other loan to cover the roll over that might still be a better outcome for you than the tax hit. You could see a local attorney to find out if under your state's tort law you might have a claim here for negligence against Prudential. The problem that I see, though, is that if the answer is clearly in the plan documents it is likely that you would be expected to have looked at those and you'd have had the right answer. Since the plan documents should have been readily available to you, relying on the customer service people may not have been reasonable in the sense meant by the law. But you can discuss that with the attorney to see how that might impact things. Many civil litigation attorneys give free initial consultations, so you'd only lose a little time. In the end, though, if you can do the rollover, that's probably your best solution to this.
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    Step parent visitation

    Talk to an attorney because the devil is in the details, but if the agreement is just between you and the father, you only need to allow the father the opportunity to exercise his parental rights as outlined in the agreement. Those rights can't be delegated to another party.
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    Workplace injury and...

    The best answer should come from the disability agency. However, my guess is that he not file a second claim until the WC doctor releases him for work. Then, if he can't work because he is not yet recovered from the surgery, it would be time to file the second claim. Again, that's just my guess. Bob needs to confirm that independently of strangers on the internet.
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    Step parent visitation

    The step mother would not have a right to visitation if it is not specified in the order. The issue would be whether under the current order he may allow his wife to spend time with the child during his visitation time. I suggest you see a family law attorney for a review of the order to see how that would go. You might need to modify the order to make it clear that if he's not there to take the kid during his visitation time that none else may substitute in during his time.
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    You try re-reading it. Your questions: Followed this: And you called your children's behavior the "major issues." So I addressed your "major issues."
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    Yes, I have lots of experience with something like that. It's called disciplining your children. You should try it. There's no excuse for their behavior when they are home alone. Since you are the custodial parent and they live there, there is plenty of punishment you can dish out. As long as you accept the behavior unchallenged you have nothing to complain about. PS: Nothing wrong with your ex dropping your kids off when you aren't home. They are certainly old enough to be on their own.
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    You're not. "Indefinite unpaid leave" means you've been laid off, fired, canned, given the axe. It's also a scam that employers pull so that naïve people don't file for unemployment compensation. You've already lost a great deal of money by believing it. File now. You should have been looking for another job from the getgo. That you haven't gotten any answers speaks volumes. Nobody wants it.
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    You most certainly can file for unemployment. If you are able and available for work and your employer has no work for you you can apply.
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    Absolutely don't vote.
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    We don't know anything about your case. However, one might guess that it is not very good if five lawyers have considered it and declined to represent you. Have you applied for unemployment insurance?
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    Are these legal marriages?

    I think your money would be better spent in counseling.
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    I'm not sure what "is it legal" means. If you're late with your rent, your landlord has the right to serve you with a "pay or quit" notice. Pay the rent on time and this won't be an issue. "Only one day late" is one more day than you should be late. P.S. Posting your name and home address on the internet is not a very smart move. You might want to edit your post. It's unnecessary to post a picture of the notice.
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    The problem is that the comment in the article applies to only to persons convicted of state crimes, which the article did not make very clear. For someone that is convicted of a federal felony offense the state's action to restore state voting rights has no effect with respect gun rights. With federal convictions, only federal law may restore the right to possess a firearm, and currently there is no way for a convicted federal felon to do that. The U.S. Department of Justice explains that in its Criminal Resource Manual (CRM) section 1435. Thus, if you are convicted of, say, federal tax evasion, which is a federal felony, you will be prohibited from possessing a firearm regardless of what the state does. As things currently stand, a federal felon needs a presidential pardon to get those firearms rights back.
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    Late is late. I always served pay or quit notices on the day after the due date. Any landlord who doesn't do that is making a potentially costly mistake.
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    Child custody change

    This would require going to court to get a change in custody
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    Employee Bathroom Breaks

    As a partner for a retail store.... u legally cannot be held liable.... but u can be terminated for negligence on the job. It's a slippery slope for most businesses though.
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    Employee Bathroom Breaks

    What a terrible regurgitation of exactly what pg1067 wrote. It seems that with over a week to think about it you could have come up with something better.
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