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    If you feel your medical records are not accurate, you have a right to request that the doctor correct them. 45 CFR 164.526. https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/45/164.526 The regulations include: --a procedure for requesting a change, --the time periods for a health care provider to respond to a request, --what health care providers are supposed to do if they agree with the request, --the bases upon which a health care provider can deny a request for a change, and --the procedural requirements for a denial.
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    Juliano Fernandes needs advice

    Protect it from what? What does "extra warranty" mean? It implies that you already have a warranty and are considering some sort of additional warranty. Is that right? Rather obviously, whether any sort of "extra" or additional warranty is or isn't a good idea depends on what the existing warranty covers (which you didn't tell us), what additional coverage the "extra warranty" will provide (which you didn't tell us), and what concerns you have about the car (which you didn't tell us). This post also does appear to raise any legal issue.
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    Not everyone has access to pediatric specialists. We took her to a children's hospital for the very reason no local physician was trained in pediatric neurology. We see the doctors every 6 months. That's why she had a medical plan to follow. There is no reason to go see the doctor when they gave developed the medical plan for that very reason.
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