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    There are two ways in CA to pursue the contempt of a court order. One is civil that requires personal service of the contempt citation. The other is criminal and no notice is required. The DA can just file charges and have a warrant issue. There is no way to know if either or any action is pending....As to the US passport, failure to pay child support, when reported to the feds, will operate to suspend or deny a passport to the offending parent. If the border agents are on their toes and check the poster out upon entry, they'll know that...
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    The distinction is that before being arrested for being in arrears there must be a motion to show cause why the individual should be held in contempt of the court. Simply being in arrears does not result in a warrant and resulting arrest. If the individual has been held in contempt of the court there could be an outstanding warrant. In the more common case an individual held in contempt doesn't even leave the courthouse. If there is an outstanding warrant the individual may be prevented from leaving the country, much less trying to return. BTW, I don't see how the dual citizenship enters into the question at all. If there is an outstanding warrant it doesn't matter what type of passport the traveler is carrying.
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    Scratching my head over that one. You can be held in contempt if you don't pay the arrears that the court ordered and arrested. Isn't that the same as being arrested for not paying the arrears?
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    People don't get arrested because they are in arrears in child support. However, they may be held in contempt and incarcerated because they are in contempt of the court's order.
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    Sure. Then that's something his lawyer should be addressing at his trial.
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    Possession of meth found on roadway

    interesting, do you have a question