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    Selling mobile home without title

    Maybe you could figure out the answer yourself, if you had half a brain.
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    Reporting Hours

    There is nothing you can put in the employee handbook that would allow you not to pay for hours worked. Keeping track of an employees time is 100% the responsibility of the employer. You can put in the handbook that you will discipline employees up to and including termination for failing to report time properly but you are still going to have to pay them.
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    Evil step father

    You don't need to do, or commission, a complete title search. Go to the clerk's office and ask for the grantee index, the index of owners of property. If your name is there you can order a copy of the listed deed, will, or other document. Tax rolls do not prove ownership of real estate.
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    Evil step father

    It's rather obvious that you aren't going to get justice or money out of the low life, no matter what you do. Forcing the sale of the house through the courts could take months and if you don't have money for a lawyer that's a non-starter. If you need money quickly I suggest you start a Go Fund Me account and tell your story on facebook and seek donations. Your story is sad enough to get some sympathy and dollars.
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    The county in which your parents resided will have a court that handles proceedings for incapacitated adults. You should be able to view and obtain copies of the relevant court orders. Presumably they had a guardian and/or conservator to manage their affairs if they were deemed incompetent. Many courts have searchable online records. If their wills were submitted for probate, then you should be able to view and obtain copies of their wills. Not all wills are probated. Some people have their assets titled in such a way that probate is avoided. Some courts hold onto wills for safekeeping. I would check with the surviving spouse of the attorney and see where his old files are kept or find out if she knows the location of his clients’ wills.
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    Sorry the intent is not to whine and complain, sorry you interpreted it in this manner. My intent was only to find out what rights I have as a homeowner however I will contact a lawyer as I don't like the attitudes on this website. Thanks
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    If it’s too old to post on, close it. Keep your necrophilia fetish to yourself freak.
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    Rusty mongold

    Selling mobile home without title

    I guessi don't write the way I'm suppose to but it's funny I don't give two shits what people think her dad died she's only child the title to the mobile home was lost can she sell the Mobil home without a title that's all I need to know I'm not looking for a education I'm fine with how I talk and speak and anyone with half a brain with common sense would be able to figure it out