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    Ted Bundy

    You make a good point. Public perception can result in bias. One can only hope that the prosecution does its job right and that the evidence is sufficient enough to convict (or acquit) in spite of any jury bias.
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    There are no circumstances whatsoever, short of marriage, where the alleged father of a child is going to be held financially responsible for pre-natal expenses, child care equipment, or any other financial expenses prior to the birth. None. In any US state. Get the idea right out of your head because it's not happening. He does not owe a single penny until after the child is born, paternity has been legally established and a court says he does. I'm not being cruel, I'm not judging you and I'm not unsympathetic to your situation. What I am doing is what my boss calls "managing expectations". No matter how unfair you may think it is (and I am not disagreeing that it's unfair), it is a fact of law that he has no responsibility for the child of a woman he is not married to until a court says he does, and a court is not going to say he does until after the child is born. There are no exceptions for bad circumstances. It is what it is and you shouldn't waste energy fighting for something you're simply not legally entitled to get. Morally? Maybe. Legally? Not happenin'. Keep safe and take care of your health. Everything else will sort itself out in the end.
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    The termination was legal. But I'm with you. You have a right to stand up to aholes, especially violent ones and I applaud you for doing it. Just understand that, when you do that, it comes with consequences.
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    You are in retail so I highly doubt you were working with a contract. Hence you were working under the doctrine of "Employment at will". You can be terminated for any reason or no reason at all. Telling a customer they are a jerk, no matter how true the statement, is a reason to terminate you. I personally would terminate you because you don't seem to know what a paragraph is.
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    william james

    How do I adopt?

    a child is the most precious thing to anyone life so it becomes very important to have the legal certainty of the child. and as I can see that your case quite complicated and confusing so you have to contact your nearby family lawyer who can understand your circumstances.
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    So many of you people are just assholes in your responses on this thread to a guy just seeking to know his heritage. Love how a couple of you are arm chair therapists suddenly stating it’s a thinly guided veil to establish a relationship. Clearly the man doesn’t believe he is father and that’s not an option and he just wants to know if he is his father or not. If you don’t have anything helpful to add besides a condescending opinion to OP or telling him how he should talk, please go away
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