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    Rezone Lawyer Threat

    They could sue you, but it would be easily dismissed because they have no valid cause of action against you. They might file suit against the county to contest the approval if they believe the approval was flawed in some manner. When they consult their lawyers they'll likely find out that their best shot is at convincing the county to reject your application during the administrative approval process.
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    Rezone Lawyer Threat

    First, nobody can force you to retract the application. I don't even think a court could do that. Yes they could sue you but it isn't your action that would cause all the evil they think will happen it would be the act of the zoning commision so I just don't see they have a winnable claim against you.
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    Rescinding all ACC Requests

    Not sure it matters, but here's a bunch of things that "ACC" might stand for. Care to share with us which one you intended? If a person did do something, then it is axiomatic that he/she can do that thing. Whether what you described is appropriate depends on the terms of your HOA's CC&Rs and by-laws. However, I suspect "adjusterjack" is correct.
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    Sociopath narcissistic abuse

    I'm sorry but some of you who have replied are being rude. Even if Stacie was stupid, it doesn't give you the right to talk down to her. If you lack tolerance and empathy, keep your criticisms to yourself. I understood her question well enough to realize she was overwhelmed and in emotional pain. I am dealing with a narcissist/sociopath, son-in-law and it has been difficult. He has control over my daughter, who is an alcoholic and can't stay sober. He abuses her in every way. They have four boys who are subjected to their dysfunction on a daily basis. My husband and I are emotionally, physically and financially bankrupt. We are at complete opposite ends regarding how to respond. He is afraid of the outcome of we do seem outside intervention and my fear is what could happen if we don't. We already had custody for a year while they seperated, went the CPS, got sober, reunited and got pregnant with the fourth boy. She stayed sober for two years and relapsed. Child Protective Services doesn't do near enough to help families but it is all that is available. I was required to be a more accountable than they were as a parent. Once the kids are returned, there is very little followup. I feel like my daughter is completely controlled by her husband. He has isolated her from her family and her friends. Because of my involvement, he constantly tries to alienate her from me. Her brother's can't stand him. As a family, we all agree that these boys don't deserve to live like this. We see how each boy is affected and acts out. And this man can make your head spin. So ,I get it Stacie. No one can begin to understand unless they have walked in their shoes. I hope you can reclaim your life and find happiness.
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