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    Private road easement rights

    Without any relevant facts, the only intelligent answer to this question is "maybe." Your post mentions an easement, but it's not clear how that easement relates to your property. Nor did you tell us what relationship the road has to your property. You mentioned some "zoning commission," but you didn't tell us what that really means. You said you "were asked to contribute" money, but you didn't say who asked or why or why you didn't ask for an explanation as to why you should contribute to the cost of something that you "were told" (by whom?) that you have no right to use. Among other things, determining the answer to your inquiry will require reading the deed by which the easement was created.
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    Neighbor suing for future rain water damages

    I want to thank you again for convincing me to call our insurance company again. They are handling the issue and so far we are extremely pleased! One of the attorneys came out to the house to take tons of photos and discuss the case. They filed a spectacular answer with a dozen defenses and requested a jury trial if the judge won't dismiss.
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    Who did you call at your insurance company? I'll bet it was your agent (clueless). Any insurance person with half a brain should know that your deductible applies to damage to your property under Section I of your policy and does not apply to defending you against a lawsuit under your Section II Liability Coverage. Take out your policy papers and look for a toll free number for reporting claims. Call up and say "I am being sued. Please open a claim under my liability insurance." Then you'll be assigned a claim rep to whom you can forward the summons and complaint by fax or email. Once you get the claim rep's name and phone number, don't wait until he/she calls you. You call and keep following up. Claim reps handle hundreds of files and get 5 - 10 new ones every day. A lawsuit gets priority but he has to know about it to do something about it. Do this quickly as you typically don't have much time to file an answer.
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    parking and using my RV on my property

    After many letters and attending a board meeting the board would not give an inch on this. We asked for a compromise of maybe allowing trailers from Memorial day to Labor Day, or allowing a 48 or 72 hour rule, or some form of compromise to no avail. As far as filing as a seasonal residence I could never find the Wisconsin codes that would apply to trailers. Maybe if more people who share this dilemma contact them we might have a chance for compromise.
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    Why "must" there be something like this? And what makes you think the presence of the motor home is "interfering" with the OP in any way. The original post certainly doesn't say anything like that. First, isn't that exactly what's happening here? Second, any law that prohibits parking a motor home in the street for longer than X days is a local law, not a state law.
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    Please articulate exactly what this means. What "easement." Who has an easement over your neighbor's property? Never heard of such a thing as a "tertiary law." Are you sure that's what you meant to type? Why would you think there would be a law making it illegal for a property owner to allow a guest to use the property? "Has to look"? What makes you believe you are under any obligation to look? So...you're jealous? You didn't ask a question, so I'm unsure what the point of your post is. Nothing you've described suggests anything illegal is occurring. It's possible that the arrangement is violating some local zoning law, but we obviously have no way of knowing about that since you didn't identify your locality.
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    Other than asking him to turn off his porch light earlier, to which he is free to say No, I ask again, in what way is this hurting him?
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    Hi all, Metoo... I totally agree with you. We've been in Waushara for 60+ years seasonally, and past 20 year round, and I do NOT understand the seasonal RV zoning AT ALL. It's overly restrictive and unintelligible. Can you elaborate on what happend with Waushara Board when you applied for "seasonal" or "unclassified" permit? You said they said no... will u add some more detail here? about what happened in your case?, bc we will probably have to try to do the same, and need all the help we can get with all we're facing! We too are wondering about an RV as seasonal use in Waushara under whatever the requirements of WI Uniform Dwelling Code are (but I'm not finding them), for a variety of very significant hardship issues, including elderly age--can't rebuild, and other conditions. I am an attorney and I will apply/petition for unclassified or conditional use, given our circumstances. We have a heated building on 2.5 acres, so the zoning/land use ordinance is very unclear. Arguably, we can use RV connected seasonally, then store it bc it's within 300', but I don't understand the OP's issues with leaving it connected to utilities unoccupied? I just don't get it... if you're building or converting structure to dwelling, then u should be able to leave RV connected, under cond. use permit? Makes no sense that you'd have to disconnect if you're just gone a week. If any one has anything to add in experience with Waushara Board of Adjustments, please do comment. Thank you.
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    parking and using my RV on my property

    We have the same problem. We use our trailer for summer camping. We would go home for 2-3 days where it was unattended. We keep the property neat, grass cut, not junk or garbage. Someone also turned us in. I checked with some of the surrounding counties and found that Winnegago county lets you leave them for 72 hours, Portage county for 6 months, and Marquette county no limit between April 16 to November 30. We tried the seasonal residence also with the board and they said no. I really believe they need to revisit their statutes regarding this. When we are up there we buy all our groceries, liquor, supplies, etc locally. We go the Hancock every year for the labor day celebration and enjoy donating to their firefighters funds. I understand they don't want run down trailers being left all around the county, but think a modified regulation that eases how long you can leave it up especially during the summer months could be helpful to all. If you already have a resolution I would love to know how it turned out. Thanks
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    Ask for attorney fees as well.
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