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    Mother Of 2 Arrested On 12/18/18.

    At this point, Nevada has no choice but to wait for California to issue its governor's warrant within 30 days or she waives extradition. All the issues you have raised must be raised in court in California.
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    Mother Of 2 Arrested On 12/18/18.

    What do you imagine that a message board can do? Reputable attorneys do not troll message boards looking for clients. You cannot find representation this way.
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    It doesn't sound as if this involves a simple failure to appear for custody. It sounds more like parental kidnapping. Is it the case that there was a court hearing for custody and rather than appearing in court she took the children and fled to Nevada? I suspect the court then awarded custody to the husband who then filed charges of parental kidnapping. If all that is the case, your friend has made a very serious mistake and may go to jail for it. Her best bet at this point is to waive extradition and allow herself to be transferred to California ASAP. There isn't really a case in Nevada.
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    She can ask for a public defender on any criminal charges.
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    Big cases cost big money in attorney fees. They have no interest because nobody has the money that it would take to pursue it for a year or more. If you or your girlfriend were willing to hand a lawyer a $10,000 retainer, one would take the case.
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