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    Request for eviction to be expunged

    From the start you said the clerk pointed out obvious: that the unkawful detainer action will show up in court record as dismissed (versus judgment in favor of plaintiff). That's a good thing. If asked whether eviction/unlawful detainer ever filed against you, you say "yes"; if asked whether you've ever been evicted, obviously answer is "no". And depending on one's point of view/how finicky one is about precise terms, anything short of a sheriff executing a writ of possession (overseeing lock change is most common method vs. landlord getting movers to put stuff at roadside) is not being "evicted". That said, people can be subject to eviction after landlord gets judgment; getting a court to award-order possession ("ok to get writ if you want") from court doesn't mean landlord will seek a writ or, even if it does get one, that doesn't mean it will be executed. Lots of steps and your case didn't go beyond first step (after pay/cure or quit notice). Unless you're very young, I wouldn't worry so much. The landlord may try to jack up deposit, however.