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    Hot tub purchase, leaks!

    You would have to prove he knew about the problem. I don't see how you can do that unless he says so. His offer to give you some money is NOT proof he knew.
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    roommate eviction

    In any future posts, please use proper capitalization and pay better attention to punctuation. Doing so will make it easier to read and understand what you write. She's your subtenant, so yes. Whatever she and the landlord signed cannot trump your lease and your rights as a tenant. You would be well advised to contact a local attorney for advice and assistance.
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    Right to Cancel?

    No. Not wrong. With regard to just that WI statute the homeowner does not have a right of rescission. The transaction is not a "consumer approval transaction" as defined by the statute: The word "and" means that both parts of the definition must exist and part (a) certainly does not since the homeowner is the one that initiated the transaction.
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    Signing a write up does not mean you agree you did wrong; it means you have been advised of management's view on the matter. Refusal to sign is grounds for termination. If you are a non-exempt employee and you have worked overtime that you have not been paid for, you have recourse (though what the best recourse would be is determined by your state, which you did not indicate. Many if not most teachers, however, are exempt employees and there are no circumstance whatsoever in which exempt employees are due a single penny of overtime even if they work 168 hours per week.
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    Right to Cancel?

    He might be thinking of the federal law that covers many in home solicitations. See the FTC discussion of the rule for the details. The problem is that repair of personal property and deals involving real estate are excluded from the rules.
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    No, there is nothing you can do to fight the write up (unless you are in a union with a collective bargaining agreement that requires certain procedures or you have a bona fide employment contract that requires procedure). They'll write you up whether you agree or disagree, whether you sign or don't sign. Seems to me that the powers that be have decided you don't play well with the powers that be and are setting you up for termination. As for the money issues, you can either sue for the money or file a wage claim with the state.
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    Then maybe you should have notified child protective services and applied to the court for custody.
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    My two cents worth. Start with the proceeds from the sale of the house. Take your fee and the reimbursements off the top. What also comes off the top are funeral expenses. If you used your own money for the funeral expenses, you get that back. From the remainder of the money (and any other money or saleable assets) pay the debts of the estate. You might not have a lot of negotiating power because it's your legal duty to pay them in full and you don't get to say "Take less or get nothing." Once the debts are paid, your aunt gets 25% of what's left and you get 75% of what's left.
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    Please understand that the following are my opinions. Others may disagree. replaced badly damaged carpet that had lots of blood stains - Repair replaced old linoleum with waterproof tiles in laundry - Upgrade new laminated wood floor in den to replace damaged carpet - Upgrade replaced other bath toilet that was installed improperly which had caused tile and floor damage. - Repair new kitchen appliances - Upgrade repaired damaged walls painted all of the interiors - Could be combination of repair and upgrade. replaced old outlets and old light fixtures, corrected bad wiring - Upgrade added ceiling fans - Upgrade replaced roof - Repair replaced damaged bathroom with complete new tiled bathroom with new floor structure - Repair replaced all single hung glass aluminum windows with double hung double insulated glass windows - Upgrade painted house outside which was badly needed both wood trim and brick to cover clay stains - Iffy replace old gutters that were leaking and falling off with new no seam 8" gutters which were causing the crawlspace to leak - Repair mold remediation due to water in crawlspace - Repair repaired large hole in back detached 2 car brick garage that my dad had driven through - Repair crawl space vapor barrier encapsulated area - Upgrade Although, truth be told, you could have sold the house dirt cheap as a fix-up. Some investor would have done all that and flipped it.
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    Yes. One possibility for is a claim of replevin -- which is a claim by a plaintiff against a defendant for the recovery of specific personal property that the plaintiff alleges the defendant is not entitled to keep. Title 12, Chapter 8, Article 12 of the Arizona statutes. You probably would want an Arizona lawyer to represent you in such a matter. There might also be other remedies, but that one seems the most applicable. An Arizona lawyer can advise you on other available options.
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    Of course it is possible. Why would you think it is not? Your recourse is to defend against the claim. There are several layers of courts in Louisiana, including small claims, which is the most likely in your case.
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    Have you seen those motels? I have. They are crappy slum properties in the worst part of town and are inhabited by prostitutes and drug dealers who ply their trade out in the open. Yeah, it's an immediate threat.
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    Selling mobile home without title

    Maybe you could figure out the answer yourself, if you had half a brain.
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    Reporting Hours

    There is nothing you can put in the employee handbook that would allow you not to pay for hours worked. Keeping track of an employees time is 100% the responsibility of the employer. You can put in the handbook that you will discipline employees up to and including termination for failing to report time properly but you are still going to have to pay them.
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    Evil step father

    You don't need to do, or commission, a complete title search. Go to the clerk's office and ask for the grantee index, the index of owners of property. If your name is there you can order a copy of the listed deed, will, or other document. Tax rolls do not prove ownership of real estate.
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    court ordered debt collection

    In the case of bank levies resulting from ordinary civil money judgments, under the circumstances you described, your girlfriend (not you) could file a third party claim, and the story you've told, if believed by the court, might result in your girlfriend getting the money back. Whether a similar procedure exists for FTB levies is something I don't know. However, I suggest your girlfriend act immediately because the time to take action will almost certainly be extremely short. And, needless to say, putting the money in the account of someone with an FTB debt was beyond foolish.
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    The county in which your parents resided will have a court that handles proceedings for incapacitated adults. You should be able to view and obtain copies of the relevant court orders. Presumably they had a guardian and/or conservator to manage their affairs if they were deemed incompetent. Many courts have searchable online records. If their wills were submitted for probate, then you should be able to view and obtain copies of their wills. Not all wills are probated. Some people have their assets titled in such a way that probate is avoided. Some courts hold onto wills for safekeeping. I would check with the surviving spouse of the attorney and see where his old files are kept or find out if she knows the location of his clients’ wills.
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    Sorry the intent is not to whine and complain, sorry you interpreted it in this manner. My intent was only to find out what rights I have as a homeowner however I will contact a lawyer as I don't like the attitudes on this website. Thanks
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    motion to suspend visitation

    Are you seeking to modify the visitation order? Each jurisdiction has distinct guidelines for visitation with the primary purpose being to serve the best interests of the child. If your baby son's father is neglecting his child, then the court should be notified of this matter. The links below will direct you to websites with further research information. Child Custody and Visitation (FindLaw) Instructive Websites from Family Law Attorneys (FindLaw) Since laws vary upon jurisdiction, please provide a little more background information which includes your state. You can check FindLaw's Learn About the Law page to research different topics of law. Good luck.
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    If it’s too old to post on, close it. Keep your necrophilia fetish to yourself freak.
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    Rusty mongold

    Selling mobile home without title

    I guessi don't write the way I'm suppose to but it's funny I don't give two shits what people think her dad died she's only child the title to the mobile home was lost can she sell the Mobil home without a title that's all I need to know I'm not looking for a education I'm fine with how I talk and speak and anyone with half a brain with common sense would be able to figure it out
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    Roberto Rodriguez

    Need help and honest answer.

    My friend lives in NYC. He committed a Class A misdemeanor in 1991. He was sentenced by the judge in court for the crime. Is it possible to get that crime expunged from his record? Would that crime appear in a background check?
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    aline knight

    harassment by hoa members

    I find your response a little racist and insensitive my son takes precautions to mask the smell of the marijuana by the use of air freshers and incense. again his use is sporadic 2-3 times per month . I'm wondering what your response would have been if he had been prescribed medical marijuana and had cancer. would he be expected to stop smoking ? to appease the other tenants. the tone of your response suggest that my son must be a criminal because he has chosen to smoke marijuana to alleviate his symptoms. my son has never been in trouble with the law and is gainfully employed. by the way you did not address the other issues I presented. i.e. leaving threatening notes in the common area and blame for problems within the building. the fact that another tenant smokes is not irrelevant does she get a pass because she is white? yes I do support legalizing marijuana and hope Illinois moves this fall to make it legal.
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    Though I appreciate your comments, you idiots afforded me no benefit with assisting me with my legal needs. Is there any attorneys out there with balls any more, or you guys just wanted to get rich by fleasing your clientele for the only profession that can charge 33 pts for maybe doing nothing. I need a real serious go getting attorney, not chumps that probably don’t know what Augmented Cognition stands for or the implications of the Military’s use of signal technologies and HSS against Americans.
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    motion to suspend visitation

    pg1067...Obviously, you are not an attorney, nor are you here to help. Please leave the forum. You are only instigating the situation. sandals4us...Tennessee law states that this is neglect and you can speak with your attorney to file a motion to suspend his visitation. However, each county handles custody differently. For instance, Greene county cares very little about domestic violence and supports the abuser rather than the obvious victims. I have learned the hard way that if you want to protect your children, you are going to have to fight hard for it. So, it is okay to be upset about this injustice and the terrible things that have happened to your son. In coparenting, it is obvious that the information should have been revealed to you. As a matter of fact, the boy's father should have been notified by his attorney to do so in such situations. Let your attorney know what you wish to do and stay on him until it gets done. Be reasonable and be willing to work with your ex whenever possible, but put your foot down and fight when necessary. Make them do the right thing. In the end, they may show themselves to be heartless and wrong, but your son will see you for who you are and love you for trying. You are in my prayers.