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  2. You seem to be avoiding the question about the real reason she got fired after just 3 months. Maybe you don't know. Maybe your daughter didn't tell you the real reason. At any rate, not much more we can do for you here.
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  4. My boyfriend was arrested for “Sexual Assault To A Child Under/17”. He was 18 at a party, a girl lied about her age and had sex and claimed rape after someone walked in. She was actually 16. Investigators came and took all of the sheets and covers and he never heard anything else about it. This was 6 years ago. Why would they just now be arresting him?
  5. She noticed what the employer did. And told the employer they took out federal taxes anyhows. Employer said she would look into it. Employer told her she could not do file exempt.
  6. Anybody who lives in an HOA should have their lawyer on speed dial.
  7. That's a whole different story than you have been telling. What's the real reason she was fired? Since the employer took the withholding anyway, I find it hard to imagine that it went like this: "You can't claim exempt, you're fired." There has to have been some interval of time between her filling out the W-4, the withholding of the taxes for at least one pay period (maybe more) and getting fired. What happened during that interval?
  8. It may not come to the point of going to court if they get a lawyer on board. I had a client who had a similar problem with her HOA. She and her husband built a small shed on their property that the HOA said violated the rules. I wrote a letter to the HOA board and copied its lawyer pointing out that a number of other homes in the HOA had sheds built that violated the rules and none of them had ever been told to tear down their sheds. I advised them that this kind of arbitrary enforcement of the rules was not permitted and if the HOA took action against my client to force tearing the shed we would take the matter to court and that, in our state, if we could prove the HOA enforced rules arbitrarily or selectively we may get the court to invalidate the enforcement powers of the HOA entirely, rendering the HOA essentially powerless. I wasn't surprised to see that the HOA quietly abandoned the shed issue. It wasn't prepared to enforce the rules against all the violators and it certainly didn't want to risk the possibility of losing its enforcement powers altogether. The bottom line is that my client got to keep the shed, and the HOA has given up on the shed issue going forward. Point is, a good lawyer might get the HOA to back down with a well drafted letter. No guarantees of that, of course, some HOA boards are more obstinate than others.
  9. The employer did not honor her w4 and took taxes out anyhows. She changed it. And yes all that applies for 2018 n 2019.
  10. Are you allowed to withhold rent in your state?
  11. I suspect there is more to this than you've stated. I cannot see an employer firing her solely for claiming exempt on the W-4. She's entitled to claim exempt on a Form W-4 per the W-4 instructions as follows: That said, her problem is that the rule for private (non government) employment is that an employer may fire an employee for any reason except for a relatively few reasons that are prohibited by law. There is no law that prohibits an employer from firing an employee for claiming exempt on the Form W-4. As a result, it was not illegal for the employer to fire her over it. It was stupid, to be sure, but not illegal. If the employer is that clueless, she's probably better off not working there anyway. In any event, all she can do now is look for another job.
  12. Nope and what I read she is by law able to file exempt. The employer can not change it and decide for her what exemptions she can claim. Nor change her w-4.
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  14. With this employer and suddenly he's firing her over it? Or with other employers and she just assumed that the current one would be OK with? And why fire her for it? Why not just hand it back and ask her to fix it? Did something else happen that you aren't telling? $6000 a year? That's $500 a month. What kind of job was this? Hardly worth walking out the door for. Does she have another source of income? The how is explained by the did. I make no sense?
  15. Her employer did nothing illegal. If your daughter is under the impression that she can sue the employer or force him somehow to rehire her, she is wrong. Even if the employer is mistaken about her status, he still did nothing illegal. She should file for unemployment and look for another job.
  16. Probably 6,000 this year. Employer says she can not file exempt. Employer had her at 2 exemptions. How can an employer just do that? And sent her a text as this is why she fired her. She has always filed exempt and has always got taxes back.
  17. At will employment means that she could be fired for any reason or no reason as long as it didn't violate any anti-discrimination. My guess is that attempting to file as completely exempt from withholding (nobody is) was considered tax fraud by the employer (doesn't matter if it was or wasn't, the employer's perception is what counts) who became convinced that she was an unreliable employee. She has no recourse. She should file for unemployment compensation ASAP and hope that the employer doesn't challenge on the basis of misconduct. When she finds another job, urge her not to play fast and loose with the W-4. At best she can claim 5 exemptions: herself and the 4 children.
  18. I assume you mean 'exempt'? I know of no law that would ban an employer from firing an employee for that. How much does your daughter make per year. Single and 4 likely would have the same effect on withheld amount.
  19. My daughter filed except from payroll taxes on her W4 and employer will not do that and fired her because of it. She texted messaged her the reason why she was fired. She has 4. Children, single.
  20. Prosecution is up to the local prosecutor. You can certainly sue for damages. It would probably be better if you did not refer to the offenders as "dickheads" when you discuss the matter with the sheriff or distric attorney.
  21. Hire a lawyer two weeks ago.
  22. PizzaHutDayton, First of all, you are two and a half years late with your response. Second, your citation of the statute is not relevant. The statute refers to an employee refusing to operate a dangerous vehicle provided by the employer in the course of his or her employment. For instance, refusing to operate a semi tractor that has bald tires or bad breaks. The poster's problem is that he or she can't get to work because his or her own car in inoperable .
  23. Great news. The Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) under 49 U.S.C. §31105 protects you. §31105 Employee protections. (a) Prohibitions. - (1) A person may not discharge an employee, or discipline or discriminate against an employee regarding pay, terms, or privileges of employment, because - ... (B) the employee refuses to operate a vehicle because - (i) the operation violates a regulation, standard, or order of the United States related to commercial motor vehicle safety, health, or security; or (ii) the employee has a reasonable apprehension of serious injury to the employee or the public because of the vehicle's hazardous safety or security condition; ... To ya'll naysayers: Read it and weep. https://www.whistleblowers.gov/statutes/staa
  24. We are being evicted for not paying rent, we have court on Tuesday. We have a large amount of evidence of them not providing services even needed. Our entire apartment had flooded and they didn't not move us for 3 days because the office was closed due to it being a weekend. We don't even want to live in the apartment we just want to be reimbursed for our loses, debts cleared ($840) and no eviction on or credit. What's my best route?
  25. I own the rental property. The tree fell onto her home from behind her home (which she is responsible for- according to the city). When the tree fell it pulled down Verizon wires and the wires pulled down and broke the Verizon pole that's behind my home. This cascaded to pulling down Verizon wires on my property and crushing the fence on both sides. I just found out yesterday that they are foreclosing on her property, she's moving out - So, as to my original question - all moot! Thanks anyway!
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